David Song, Founder - Beyond X Boundaries 

Beyond X Boundaries is more than just a travel outfitter. The one and only mission is to provide travellers with experiential travel through meaningful crafted journeys to learn more about the vast world that is Planet Earth. In not conforming to majority demands, Beyond X Boundaries seeks to create amazing adventures, sojourns that are astonishing, memorable and awe-inspiring. We proudly invite you on this extraordinary journey with us to create magical experiences. GO BEYOND! 


Traveller Extraordinaire, Maverick, Rebel, Photographer, Web Designer, Chef. Just among the many shoes David fills these days. A wildlife conservation advocate, historical and culture observer, travel has always been in David's blood and an ardent lover for exploring the less-trodden, remote and far-flung destinations less-documented. With 72 countries covered so far across the continents and territories, David continues in search of places to explore and specialise. 

NEXT JOURNEY: Spain, Cambodia & Saudi Arabia

A true veteran in the travel industry, Steve has travelled far and wide throughout his career and has gained a following with his clients thanks to his meticulous approach and gentle demeanour. A hiking and camping enthusiasts, he has done some of the most inspiring walks to the most remote places counting Latin America, the Himalayas and Central Asia - the Stans as one of his favourite destinations. 

NEXT JOURNEY: Japan, India & Morocco

A former banking professional, Mingyun gave up the financial world to follow her passion in pursuing a travel career, discovering destinations, exploring cultures and savoring the tastes and colors of the world. Mingyun is a champion for wildlife conservation, advocate for sustainable tourism and appreciates the fine things in life as much as the rustic ways of life. Her meticulous approach to designing journeys has created a legion of followers inspired by her well-balanced and designed trips. 


Cursed with itchy feet, an inquisitive mind, and a curious palate, Andy has ventured far and beyond to experience what the world has to offer. From his first solo backpack trip to Pakistan in 2004 which proved that the media can misrepresent a country, he has since visited over a 100 countries and political territories. Particularly drawn to lesser-known, often misunderstood, places, he counts Syria, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Ethiopia, Mali, D.R. Congo, Vanuatu, Antarctica, Colombia, and Venezuela among his most memorable trips! 


A career with Beyond X Boundaries is a rewarding journey. As the Mavericks of Experiential Travel, we want to help you develop your path with us, to elevate your goals and grow as a person fundamentally. When it comes to a career with Beyond X Boundaries, we have no restrictions on the mundane and corporate red tapes. It is a fun, engaging environment where we strive to work as a team and family and as adults. Heck, this is no place for politics! 

The Criteria:

We have no restrictions to your educational level, experience, nationality or personal status. We choose our team members very carefully ensuring they have what it takes to be able to convey the Beyond X Boundaries spirit, the style of experiential and transformational travel which is a high level and sometimes, intellectual affair. As long as you think you have it, you can be a part of the extraordinary team. We DARE YOU!

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