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Argentina is a land blessed with some of the world's most outstanding natural wonders. Tapering from the Tropic of Capricon towards the last land mass before Antarctica, the whole continental peninsula of Argentina encompasses a staggering diversity of terrains.  Chile on the other hand, outlines the western frontiers of the South American continent, a country of geological extremes from the arid deserts and unworldly lunar landscapes of Atacama to the glaciers-dominated end of the world in Patagonia. We explore Argentina & Chile in depth beyond the spectacles. 

Northern Argentina & Chile Expedition

The journey begins in the arid regions of Salta and the Jujuy Province with exquisite gastronomy and unworldly landscapes before crossing over the Andes through spectacular road journey to the Atacama Desert and ending this epic journey with the good life in Santiago and the wine country of Mendoza. 

Patagonia - At World's End

Massive, beautiful and desolate, Patagonia (Argentina & Chile) is beyond extraordinary. This journey takes you on the road to the signature landscapes, glaciers and pristine lakes at the last land mass before Antarctica. An epic journey of a lifetime. 

The Legendary Torres del Paine W Trek 

An epic adventure of a lifetime trekking around the jagged mountain peaks in Torres del Paine National Park on the legendary "W Trek". This journey leads us through forest, mountain ridges and Patagonian steppe and allows you the most unforgettable impression of this geological wonder. 

Path of the Puma (October - April)

Embark on an inspiring adventure of a lifetime on an expedition into the domains of the Patagonian Puma in Chile's magnificent Torres del Paine National Park while uncovering some of the most incredible landscapes on Planet Earth as we go in search of the elusive mammal in a most non-invasive fashion through the eyes of our expert guides. 

Epic Chile - Atacama & Easter Island

Uncover two of Chile's most fascinating destinations, the unworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert and the remote and mysterious island of Rapa Nui where giant Moai statues have left travellers captivated and in awe for generations. This is a less-trodden journey of remarkable inspiration. 

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