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Boasting some of the remote outbacks in the world, Australia is a land of sheer diversity. From the landlocked continental wonders and bewitching Indian Ocean coastlines of Western Australia to the eastern reef islands of the Great Barrier Reef. From the red canyonlands of Central Australia to the verdant vineyards of South Australia and the rugged temperate island of Tasmania, Australia thrills with unexpected discoveries, endless explorations and experiences!

Beyond X Boundaries is proud to present Australia, a destination of great contrast, epic landscapes, superb wine and gastronomy and fascinating culture and heritage. Experience Why There's Nothing Like Australia with us on our curated journeys that takes you over and beyond the quintessential Australian experience you never knew. 

Wilderness of the Gawler & Flinders Ranges

Embark on an intrepid adventure into the less-trodden South Australian outback of the Gawler Ranges & the Eyre Peninsula and vast lands of the Flinders Ranges - home to some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring geology in Australia. 

Cape to Cape Track & the Margaret River

Wine & Adventure go hand in hand together on this inspiring journey on the south-western coast of Western Australia. Sample fine wines and exquisite gastronomy while marvelling at the splendours of the beautiful Indian Ocean coastline on the inspiring Cape to Cape Track. 

Wilderness of the Kimberley 

An epic adventure of mega proportions as we journey to one of Australia's last great wilderness - home to some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes encompassing spectacular gorges, canyons, waterfalls and caves on a journey that is simply a photographer and adventurer's dream. 

Expedition into Top End & Arnhem Land

Journey into the land of the ancestors - home of the first true inhabitants of Australia as we venture off the beaten track into the Top End and Arnhem Land in Northern Territory on an inspiring sojourn exploring the fascinating cultures, primitive life and magic of the sacred land of the aborigines. 

Cradle Mountain Overland Track Expedition

Discover one of Australia's most spectacular World Heritage areas while trekking the world famous Overland Track in the peaceful and exquisite terrain of Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania on an inspiring journey of discovery filled with surreal landscapes and unforgettable memories.

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