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Exclusive, remote and teeming with wildlife, Botswana is one of Africa's Last Eden. An abundance of elephant, rhinos and free-roaming big cats dominate the scenes in the Okavango Delta and the vast Kalahari Desert where food sources are never in question. This is Africa for the connoisseurs. 

The Okavango Delta, Selinda Reserve & Victoria Falls

Experience extreme wildlife diversity in the spectacular waterways of the Okavango Delta to the Selinda Spillway in Selinda Reserve with captivating and fascinating wildlife before ending the journey in the Matetsi Game Reserve in Zimbabwe alongside the mighty Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls. 

Delta, Falls & the Cape

Experience 3 spectacular wonders in the Okavango Delta, the mighty Victoria Falls and the coastal wonders of the Cape Peninsula. This journey is suitable for those seeking to capture in the glory and spectacle of nature and wildlife in varying landscapes and contrasts. 

The Spirit of Botswana

The undisputed journey of Botswana where we journey from the dry savannahs of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in the Kalahari region filled with arid landscape-adapted wildlife to the lush waterways and marshes of the Okavango Delta and the big cats territory of Selinda Reserve. This is the ultimate journey for the safari connoisseur who wants to explore Botswana's secret edens. 

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