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Almost a continent within a continent, Brazil has always been different from the rest of South and Latin America. Language, ethnic diversity through its entire existence and a lifestyle that is almost a religion. Brazil is also blessed with a diverse landscape from the opulent cities in the south to the dense Amazon Rainforest and jungles. Discover Brazil with us with a refreshing twist. 

Untamed Brazil - Amazon & the Pantanal

A less-trodden journey that takes us to some of the remotest corners of the Amazon and the Pantanal - Brazil's last natural paradise and wilderness in search of incredible wildlife. Be ready for a safari adventure that combines both land and water experiences. Untamed Brazil. 

Amazon, Iguazu Falls & Rio de Janeiro

A quintessential journey of the spectacles of Brazil. From nature's eden in the Amazon rainforest to the incredible and mighty Iguazu Falls and finally the fervour of Rio de Janeiro, capturing the immaculate spirit of Brazil. 

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