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Not as "United" in the sense that the United Kingdom - comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own identity, heritage and language that are unique in every sense while Ireland, the odd one out on the British Isles on the politics front, yet sublime in every aspect. If dramatic landscapes, rich heritage and whiskeys are what you seek, then Britain and Ireland is not too far from your radar. 

Quintessential Scotland (Summer)

Scotland harbours some of the largest areas of wilderness left in Western Europe, the imposing tundra plateaus of the Cairngorms, a land blessed with multilayered history, a divine devotion to culinary and an unmatched passion to its whiskies, not forgetting its proud locals. There's no reason not coming. 

The North Coast 500 Sojourn - Scotland (April - May)

A journey into the northern frontiers of Scotland on a 500 mile stretch of stunning coastal scenery, small town charm, maritime heritage and unparalleled magic of the Highlands. This is a journey that uncovers beyond the stereotypical Scottish sights and more. 

The Ultimate Whisky Journey

An epic journey uncovering some of the most revered and legendary whisky distilleries of Scotland with a focus on gastronomy, heritage and epic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands for connoisseurs. This is a Scotland with a spectacular "Scotch" twist. 

Quintessential Ireland

Big on landscapes and inspirational castles, Ireland is a gift to the world with its enchanting culture, folklore, music and nature, a land blessed by the gods and a gourmet heaven surrounded in all corners by the sea. On this Irish sojourn, we discover the best of Ireland on an quintessential journey of discovery.

Ethereal Northern Ireland & Donegal

It is little wonder that Northern Ireland is "Game of Thrones" territory with a prolific number of sites and landscapes that inspires and thrills, a unique heritage and underrated whiskeys. To think that this was once a region torn apart civil strife and violence mere decades ago. 

The "New" South Wales

Discover South Wales, a compact but geologically diverse destination with a myriad of landscapes, nature, heritage and culture that has been at the crossroads of multiple invasions for millenia. Embark on a journey into the storied "Land of the Shepherds" to experience its mythical and medieval legacy. 

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