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From vast steppes to celestial mountains, from ancient cities along the Great Silk Road to impressive modern architecture in Astana, from nomadic culture to soviet heritage, there is much to discover in the five ‘stans’ that constitute the region known as Central Asia. Step into the unknown and be mesmerized by the vast space, solitude of the countryside as well as the fascinating people of Central Asia in the "5 Stans" for you will be pleasantly surprised!

Quintessential Uzbekistan

Unlike most of Central Asia, where nomadic traditions prevailed, Uzbekistan is custodian to a rich urban culture. The names of its cities—steeped in the mythology and romance of the Silk Road - evoke legendary images: Samarkand, Tamerlane's imposing capital; Bukhara, the revered place of pilgrimage; and Khiva, the remote and isolated oasis. 

Kyrgyzstan - Land of the Nomads

An enigma, wild, remote and very less-trodden, Kyrgyzstan is the odd "Stan" more so for its sheer mountain splendor, picturesque alpine lakes and the imposing Tian Shan mountains that its recent official name change to the Kyrgyz Republic. Enter into the land of the nomads, albeit changing soon!

Quintessential Tajikistan

Untouched, wild and virtually uncharted territory, with towering mountains, Tajikistan is as revered by the intrepid spirits for its nature as much as it is for its heritage of which Alexander the Great and the Persians have left their mark. Welcome to a land of epic experiences!

Expedition Tajikistan - Roof of Central Asia

Smallest amongst the "Stans" but the highest of all. Escape to Tajikistan's tranquil landscapes of epic river valleys, surreal mountain passes and authentic countryside life on this incredible Fann Mountains trekking expedition where there are few places in the world that allows you an accomplished sense of self-actualization. 

Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan - A Silk Road Journey

Embark on an expedition into Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan on an adventure of fascinating culture & heritage, unearthly landscapes, historical legacies and scintillating UNESCO sites. This is a journey not for the faint-hearted. 

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