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Collectively recognized more and more as "Central Europe", the Visegrad Group of Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland are steeped in culture and heritage with some of the most storied historical empires that shaped modern Europe to its present day. Central Europe as we now call it offers a glimpse into its rich lineage and a bridge between Western Europe and Eastern Europe (Balkans, Russia & the Baltic States) that links the most defining eras together that takes modern travelers a step back in time.  

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Castles & Fairytales of Czechia

Journey into Czechia, into the realms of ancient Bohemia and Moravia, in the heart of Europe with a long history of conquering armies and triumphant dynasties which left a legacy of incredible castles and fortresses dotted across the fabled land. Discover some of the best-kept secrets of wine-making, traditional gastronomy and eclectic mix of architecture that leaves you tantalized. 

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The Heterodoxy of Hungary

One of the least discovered countries in Europe beyond its capital, Budapest and part of the Danube River, Hungary is a treasure trove of fascinating culture & heritage, mind-boggling cuisine, heavily-guarded secrets of wine-making traditions and intoxicating landscapes at the center of Europe that connects Western Europe, the Balkans and the Soviet States with no less than 7 bordering neighbors. 

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Sacrosanct Slovakia

An ancient land of castles and mountains, Slovakia has slipped under the travel radar without much fanfare and is one of the best-kept secrets of Europe long before its separation with Czechia. Discover the renaissance of a country steep in folklore traditions, incredible storied history and a wine-making heritage that is much-envied. 


Jewels of Poland

At the crossroads of Northern & Central Europe and the Baltic States, Poland invites a much-curious senses of discovery into its legacies of the Hanseatic, the fairy-tale castles, the spectacular Tatra Mountains dubbed the "Canada of Europe" and some of the most exciting influences of gastronomy, this is your opportunity to explore Poland in depth.  

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