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With over 5000 years of history, the most populous country in the world has unlimited opportunities for travellers to discover fascinating cultures and traditions, astonishing landscapes, historical relics and jaw-dropping nature. China has it all! We take you deeper into some of the most remote areas of China less trodden and uncover some secrets that's still kept away. 

Finding Shangri-La (Yunnan)

A journey of epic discoveries takes you to the remote far-flung corners of Yunnan Province as we go in search of "Shangri-La". We journey to the autonomous region to gain insights into the Tibetan culture and customs, explore spectacular landscapes and seek solitude away from it all. 

Quintessential Old Tea Horse Trail (Yunnan)

This journey starts in the south of Yunnan Province following the path of the ancient "Old Tea Horse Trail" north as uncover the path of ancient traders, customs and heritage of the ethnic tribes. A sojourn of stunning serendipity. 

Utopias of Yunnan

A journey less travelled. On this journey, we witness the spiritual utopia of Shangri-La, the fertile valleys of Tacheng, the indomitable peaks of Laojun Mountain, the fervour of Lijiang, the sheer spectacle of the Tiger Leaping Gorge and an immersion of Naxi and Tibetan cultures. 

Beijing & Great Wall - A Different Perspective

We bring you a totally refreshing and different perspective of Beijing - capital city of China and the famed Great Wall of China - without crowds. Get away from the cookie-cutter sightings and experiences and see the real Beijing & Great Wall like an insider. 

The Spirit of Huizhou

A journey of many facets. Explore deep into the culture of the Huizhou people, an important group who played a central role since their rise during the Southern Song Dynasty. On this expedition, we visit some of the most remote villages in Jiangxi and Anhui to witness the spirit of Huizhou. 

Guizhou & Guilin Ethnic Expedition

Take the road less travelled as we journey deep into the ethnic strongholds of the Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao and Shui people to understand the last remaining traces of ethnic minority cultures, marvel at the unique architectures and the pristine untouched landscapes. 

Tibetan Plateau, Silk Road & Gobi Desert

An adventure for the discerning traveler. This epic journey takes you on the route through the Tibetan Plateau before embarking on the legendary Silk Road in Gansu Province and the Gobi Desert. An incredible sojourn of spectacular pursuit. 

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