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Chugoku - A Different Japan

Experience a different Japan on this journey as you uncover the gems of Yamaguchi, Hiroshima and Okayama as well as towns along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. Stay in exquisite ryokans and take in some of the less-trodden sights of Japan for the connoisseurs. 


Stay in the finest ryokans in Nagato, Miyahama Onsen & Kurashiki

Experience some of the less-trodden towns and villages in Japan

Enjoy and savour traditional cuisines of Chugoku

Be introduced to local artisans and organic producers



Arrive Fukuoka Intl Airport and be transferred to Hakata Station for your high speed Shinkansen train journey to the city of Yamaguchi in Yamaguchi Prefecture. First, visit the Rurikoji Temple, best-known for its five storied pagoda and ranked among Japan's three greatest. Admire the beautiful temple grounds of Kozan Koen before continuing to the Akiyoshidai Quasi National Park - home to the largest concentration of karst formations  and the largest and longest limestone caves in Japan. The vast lands of the Akiyoshidai Plateau are dotted with limestone pinnacles and below the surface lies the Akiyoshidai Cave, with various natural formations along the course, such as terraces of limestone pools filled with waters, underground waterfalls and a lovely stream of cobalt blue water flowing along the paths. Retreat to the beautiful Otozure River where you will enjoy the hot springs of Nagato-Yumoto Onsen - home to the stunning Bettei Otozure

Overnight: Bettei Otozure, Nagato

Meals: Dinner


Today, we begin an excursion to Hagi, an important historical feudal town central to the Meiji Restoration situated along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Renowned for its preserved samurai town and one of the finest potteries, take a step back in time to witness its nostalgic surroundings largely-preserved through the generations. Visit the former Castle Town and former residences of important families such as the Kikuya and Kubota who specialized in the kimono and sake businesses. Worth a visit is the Tokoji Temple, founded in the late 17th Century with its ornate Zen Buddhism wooden architecture and one of the most beautiful and significant Zen-Buddhist temples in Japan. Visit some pottery artisans showcasing the finest Hagiyaki pottery. 

Overnight: Bettei Otozure, Nagato

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Travel back south to the Seto Inland Sea as we continue our journey. Visit the city of Iwakuni, a prime cherry blossom spot as we take a walk across the famous Kintai Bridge over the Nishiki River, first built by Lord Kikkawa Hiroyoshi. Gain insights as we hear the trials and tributations of the Kikkawa family. We then arrive at the Sekitei, a luxurious retreat on the slopes of Miyahama Onsen with exceptional views of Miyajima. 

Overnight: Sekitei, Miyahama Onsen

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Today, we take an excursion to the UNESCO-listed Miyajima island renowned for its iconic giant floating "torii" gate of Itsukushima Shrine. Upon arrival on the island, we visit the shrine complex. Thereafter, visit the Daisho-in Temple, one of the most important Shingon-Buddhism temples in Japan founded by Kobo Daishi. Consider a ropeway ascend to Mount Misen for a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea or take a hike. Thereafter, we return via ferry back to the mainland where we return to Miyahama Onsen. 


Overnight: Sekitei, Miyahama Onsen

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Depart Miyahama Onsen today as we continue to Hiroshima where the first atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945 during WWII. Visit the UNESCO-listed Peace Memorial Park and A-Bomb Dome to understand more about the turbulent period in modern history. We then journey to the coast of the Seto Inland Sea to the nostalgic town of Tomonoura with a picturesque seaside charm, beautiful traditional buildings and home to seafaring communities. Enjoy a stroll through the town and consider visiting sites such as the Fukuzenji Temple with fantastic views of the surrounding islands, the Ota Residence - home to the family who started brewing "homeishu shoju" medicinal wine since the 17th Century. Finally, we move on to the canal town of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture where we retreat to the exceptional Ryokan Kurashiki


Overnight: Ryokan Kurashiki, Kurashiki

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Explore at leisure today the peaceful and tranquil canal town of Kurashiki where you may visit the Bikan Historical Quarter with its array of museums such as the Ohara Museum of Art and the Japan Toy Museum on a personalized walking insight with the "okami" proprietress of Ryokan Kurashiki, Ritsuko Nakamura introducing you to the history, artisans and interesting heritage of the town which served as a major rice storehouse of Japan during the Edo Period. 

Overnight: Ryokan Kurashiki, Kurashiki

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Depart Kurashiki today to Okayama Station for your onward journey in Japan. 

Meals: Breakfast


Owned by the Otani family, Bettei Otozure is a sister inn to the historic Otani-sanso in Nagato-Yumoto Onsen and one of Japan's most luxurious and refined inn in an elegant setting surrounded by nature, the mountains and the Otozure River. 

Bettei Otozure, Nagato

Sekitei is a famous Japanese-style inn located on the slopes of Miyahama Onsen with exceptional views of Miyajima across the Seto Inland Sea. All rooms are designed in Japanese style with modern and contemporary touches. 

Sekitei, Miyahama Onsen

Ryokan Kurashiki is located right in the heart of the historic merchant's quarter surrounded by beautifully-preserved 17th Century architecture with traditional black and white kura (wooden storehouses) lining the narrow streets. With just 5 guest rooms spread across 3 buildings, each is furnished with traditional Japanese tatami, low-slung furniture and western-styled beds are available. FREE Wi-Fi is available in room and exquisite seasonal kaiseki cuisine is served  

Ryokan Kurashiki, Kurashiki


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