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Over 17,000 islands and more than 350 cultures and languages scattered across the 4th most populous country in the world, Indonesia has everything encompassed - spectacular natural landscapes, rich marine biodiversity, some of the most fascinating heritage and traditions and hedonistic havens for the discerning traveler. It's prominent location in the Pacific Ring of Fire has sculpted some of the world's most iconic geological features, creating everything that entails that no world traveler can ignore. 

Raja Ampat Expedition_High Res_1699.jpg

Realms of East Indonesia

From Borneo to Komodo, From Lombok to Papua, and from the Spice Islands to Raja Ampat, there's endless opportunities to witness an amazing array of marine life, snorkel and dive in some of the richest coral reefs, witness spectacular landscapes in one of Planet Earth's most incredible regions. 

Regarded as the beating heart of Indonesia, Java is the essential introduction of Indonesia's ancient cultures, dramatic volcanic landscapes. Journey to Borobudur, the undisputed religious center of Buddhism in the country


Borobudur & Beyond

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