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A sojourn these days would involve a standout lodging that makes all the difference from an enjoyable journey to an extraordinary one and some of these unique hotels are probably the reason that provides the impetus and trigger to finally make that journey. Disagree? Look no further below....

Kachi Lodge, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Why We Love It:

The new game-changer that will change the way you journey to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia - where it come a long way in redefining the style and panache of how to experience the world's largest salt flats. The Kachi Lodge with its futuristic geodesic domes resembles pods on a space station outpost under the star-lit skies right at the foot of the Tunupa Volcano. It's green eco-friendly concepts while not compromising on luxury and comfort endears us completely.  

Best Time To Visit:

Depending on what you are looking for, it's surreal both during the dry season (April through October) and the wet season when you can paddleboard out from camp in the shallow waters that creates the effect of the largest "mirror" in the world. We prefer the dry season for the sheer amount of activities that can be done - hiking, biking, outdoor campfire to immerse in some of the most alien-esque landscapes on Planet Earth. 

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Sao Lourenco do Barrocal, Monsaraz, Portugal

Why We Love It:

Right in the heart of the Alentejo region close to the white village of Monsaraz, the Sao Lourenco do Barrocal is a farm retreat quite in its own league. Minimalist decor allows for an unpretentious experience that are well-complemented with its exceptional cuisine, its blend of wines and the authentic "gaucho" way of life that are never commercialized. Quite the experience for us is to take a Lusitano "the ferrari of horses" into the stunning Alqueva Lake admiring Monsaraz from a distance. 

Best Time To Visit:

Sublime in spring and autumn and while summer has scorching temperatures (July - August), the sun seemingly doesn't set, allowing for an unbelievable amount of daylight to enjoy. We love autumn in the Alentejo the most for its festivities of wine-harvesting, the spectacular colors of cork and olive trees in stunning autumn hues, the pleasant and cooler weather that makes the Alentejo such an incredible region to enjoy. 

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Shipwreck Lodge, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Why We Love It:

10 "shipwreck" cabins spread out among the sand dunes with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean in between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers in an untamed landscape of raw, rugged wilderness that only the Skeleton Coast of Namibia can inspire. All of the "shipwreck" cabins are solar-powered except for the wood burning stove for chilly evenings during the winter dry season. But sustainability and design does not go wrong in one of the most unique lodges in Africa. 

Best Time To Visit:

Undoubtedly the dry season from May to September. The weather can be cold but you'll stay dry and pleasant during the heat of the winter day which can still reach temperatures of up to 25 degrees celsius and more. The less treacherous waves of the Atlantic Ocean also enables a more enjoyable experience as well as the surrounding desert-adapted wildlife which roams in the Skeleton Coast National Park. 

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Cava & Hotel Mastinell, Vilafranca del Penedes, Spain

Why We Love It:

Designed to resemble the beauty of stacked cava bottles, the Cava & Hotel Mastinell certainly ranks up there as one of the most architecturally-bizarre hotels in the world right in the heart of Vilafranca del Penedes in Catalonia's premier wine-making region. A destination experience not to be missed, surrounded by intoxicating Catalan wine and gastronomy, the great outdoors are as inviting as well. Almost "instagram-perfect", this is the hotel to be for the wholesome wine experience. 

Best Time To Visit:

Autumn season undoubtedly during the wine harvesting time in October to November for the late harvest where the festivities are in full flow. Summer allows for indulgence of not just the vineyards in its full green spectacle, but also the fervor of the Costa Brava and of course, the unique Catalan tradition of the castellers human towers that enhances your journey of this region of Spain to the maximum. 

Check out Cava & Hotel Mastinell in our Beyond Barcelona - Spirit of Catalunya journey

Guntu Floating Hotel, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Why We Love It:

One of the latest and innovative luxury project comes to life in the shimmering Seto Inland Sea of Japan in the form of the Guntu Floating Hotel, a 19 room vessel that takes you on a tranquil journey through the Seto Inland Sea with its array of charming fishing towns of Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures and the islands of Shikoku. Complete that with the uncompromising finesse and "omotenashi" of seasonal gastronomic offerings, a ryokan is literally transported to the sea and in some style. 

Best Time To Visit:

Late March to early April for the peak of the cherry blossom season that blankets Hiroshima, Okayama and the Shikoku islands in a sea of pink. Summer months are a delight for sake and seafood indulgence despite the heat and humidity and our favorite time of the year - Autumn in mid November which covers the region in a kaleidoscope of red, orange and yellow. 

Enquire with us about the Guntu Floating Hotel of Japan

Mashpi Lodge, Choco Rainforest, Ecuador

Why We Love It:

One of our all-time favorite unique National Geographic lodges of the world, the Mashpi Lodge is situated right in the dense cloud forests of the Andean foothills just 3 hours drive from the colonial charms of Quito to the tropical birding paradise of the Choco rainforests, creating a synthesis of experiences to be enjoyed together with the very possible combination of a voyage to the Galapagos. 

Best Time To Visit:

The dry season undoubtedly from June to August offers a pleasant and self-explanatory reason to be in the Choco rainforests, avoiding the heavy rains and humidity experienced from October to late April. The Mashpi Lodge is situated in one of the rarest combination of a rainforest and cloud forest that is all the more important in choosing the right time to be to witness the incredible diversity of wildlife in its full glory. 

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The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Why We Love It:

Sitting atop rolling hills and rugged cliffs with some of the most incredible sea views and limitless horizons, the Farm at Cape Kidnappers (besides its curiosity-stirring name) could very well be our all-time favorite lodge in New Zealand, landscapes that renders you speechless, a sanctuary for wildlife with its colony of gannets that call the coast home, probably the most picturesque golf course in the world. Don't even get us started on its range of gastronomic and wine offerings. 

Best Time To Visit:

Spring and Autumn. Cherry blossoms decorate most of New Zealand during the spring season in September and the glorious autumn season from April to May brings about a range of festivities during the wine harvest season, a quiet time to take a look back at the hustle and bustle of the preceding seasons. Of course, the pleasant weather helps!

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Rosewood Luang Prabang, Laos

Why We Love It:

There's something about forests that keeps captivating our hearts over and over again and the Rosewood Luang Prabang, in our opinion has to be right up there with a well-balanced combo of romantic and whimsical settings with its delicate positioning of luxury. The visual works of Bill Bensley obviously helps bring out the eye-catching decor in all of its riverside suites, waterfall villas or fantastical hilltop tents. Yes, this is a property that had us gushing, truly, madly, deeply!

Best Time To Visit:

Obviously anytime aside from the obvious dreaded monsoon season. You don't want to get caught in the heavy rain and mudslides. November to March offers the dry season where the weather is pleasant and cool while the rivers are in accommodating conditions to enjoy an adventurous exploration of the gems of the Mekong. 

Check out Rosewood Luang Prabang in our Laotian Odyssey journey

Locanda Don Serafino, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Why We Love It:

It's quite impossible not to fall in love with the Locanda Don Serafino - a Relais & Chateaux property that's located in the bottom hill close to the UNESCO-listed Chiesa dei Miracoli in Ragusa Ibla. With excellent repertoire of sensational Sicilian cuisine helmed by 2 Michelin stars Chef Vincenzo Candiano and whimsical settings of cave rooms, this is the hotel to die for in Sicily. 

Best Time To Visit:

Spring and autumn for the obvious comfortable weather to travel anywhere in Sicily but summer is where all the fun and action happens where in colorful Ragusa, the stunning lighting allows for just more magic in photography. 

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Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Why We Love It:

"Sandcastle" dreams are made of this at the Adrere Amellal Ecolodge, situated at the foot of the white mountain blending in harmony with the landscapes in the heart of the Siwa Oasis. For fans of Alexander the Great, this is a journey well-worth the long drive to discover some of the most enigmatic civilizations of Western Egypt, near to the borders with Libya and the Adrere Amellah's whimsical design and settings provide just that inspiration to finally go west - away from Cairo and away from the Nile. 

Best Time To Visit:

November to March obviously for the more comfortable weather and temperatures which can still soar up to 28 degrees celsius in "winter". Yet, this is also the peak season. Rooms are scarce in the Siwa Oasis and the Adrere Amellal is quite the quintessential destination experience. Hence, advance planning needs to be done way ahead. 

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