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Ecuador may be the smallest Andean nation but it is not short on astounding scenery, fascinating biodiversity, historical legacy or ethnic diversity. As fascinating as it is with the mainland, the Galapagos Islands is perhaps Earth's last true eden where animals both land and marine thrive. There are no other land as captivating as Ecuador and the Galapagos with such a potent combination.

Ecuador's Historic Haciendas & Cotopaxi

Ecuador's colonial-era haciendas present a glimpse of the country's dramatic Andean highlands. On this quintessential journey of Ecuador's heartlands, we travel to some of the most charming hacienda villages and towns steeped in character, history and charm against the sacred Cotopaxi Volcano. 

In the Footsteps of Darwin & Bingham (Galapagos & Peru)

A journey of a lifetime uncovering the magical natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands and the magnificent treasures of the Inca Empire in Peru. This is a potent combination of nature, history and culture as we experience two lands of epic contrast in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and Hiram Bingham.

Ecuador's Eden of Nature (Choco Rainforest & Galapagos Islands)

A spectacular journey that starts from the Choco Rainforest, one of Planet Earth's biodiversity hotspots of continuous evolution of new animal species to the remote last true eden that is the Galapagos Islands; this sojourn is for the ardent nature lover in search of the natural paradise. 

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