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Fascinating travelers since ancient times, Egypt & North Sudan has always been a fantasy with its unique pyramids, hieroglyphics-decorated temples, stunning villages along the River Nile and a marvelous assortment of awe-inspiring UNESCO sites. Egypt has come a long way since its troubles of the last few years while North Sudan has been independent since 2011. Reformed and back on the world map, there's never a better time to visit or revisit the region with renewed experiences. 

Signature Egypt with Abu Simbel

Uncover the mysterious secrets of the ancient Egyptian relics on this Signature Egypt journey with your private Egyptologist guide where we discover the Great Pyramids in Cairo, sail down the Nile in style on a luxurious Nile Cruise and marvel in awe the surreal Abu Simbel Temple. 


North Sudan - Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs

Independent since 2011, North Sudan is an original, mysterious and unique destination where the African and Arabic culture meet. Its history is much connected to ancient Egypt where the Nile River crosses the Sahara Desert and along its valleys lays the archaeological sites of the Egyptian and Meroitic civilizations. 

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