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Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic finale to 2017 and off to a great start in 2018. Presenting some of our curated journeys in February, we have come up with some fantastic travel options for you this coming Valentine's and Chinese New Year if you have not planned your travel arrangements. Here are our TOP 8 Journeys to consider for that last minute February getaway! 



Why Oman in February

Cinematic, dramatic and downright inspiring landscapes make Oman "THE" destination to be in the Middle East. Coupled with mild winter climate, clear blue skies in February, a fascinating culture, spellbinding forts and wadis "valleys", a great seafaring culture and sensational desert glamping experience, Oman is truly deserving to be on this list for a National Geographic-esque family adventure or a romantic honeymoon sojourn. 

The Experience

Oman boasts some of the most astonishing luxury lodges, desert camps and opulent hotels in the world and in style. Experience the magic of the desert and canyons while discovering some of the most picture-perfect towns that oozes charm, surreal "world-away" feel and of course a delightful culture that possess the influence of Europe. 

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Why Sri Lanka in February

Buddhist trails, astonishing UNESCO sites, dynamic wildlife, exceptional cuisine and of course clear blue skies less the high humidity of the sticky summer. Even the whales and dolphins returns to the coast during the months from November to March. Sri Lanka may be small in size but huge in stature. 

The Experience

Sri Lanka boasts an exceptional collection of luxury lodges, tented camps and boutique heritage hotels. Food is consistently prepared on a high level and if you feel guilty of being a glutton, there's always the Ceylon tea to help in digestion. Wildlife density is high despite its rather underrated attention compared to Africa. Welcome to Leopard Land!

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Why Izu Peninsula in February

Cherry blossoms and lots of it in February. YES....It's February. The Izu Peninsula is home to the earliest-blooming cherry blossoms in mainland Japan for its unique species, the "Kawazuzakura" where more than 8000 trees spread out in the peninsula, festivities and most importantly, without the international tourist crowds. 

The Experience

Izu Peninsula is just an hour or so's train ride from Tokyo and from there, a recommended chauffeured journey to discover the peninsula's magical cherry blossoms in quaint towns. Dip in intoxicating hot spring onsens, savor delightful Spring cuisine and sweets as well as unique seafood such as the Kinmedai (Splendid Alfonsino) fish that is best grilled or braised in soya. 

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Why Sudan in February

Sudan and to be specific, North Sudan. A definite off-the-beaten-track destination despite its newly-attained independence. The Land of the Black Pharaohs offers a thrilling continuation of the Pharaoh era , the most number of pyramids anywhere in the world, colorful culture of the Nubians and a story-teller photographer's dream.

The Experience

From bizarre modern hotels in Khartoum and charming Nubian lodges to Nat Geo-esque camping expeditions under the stars in the desert, Sudan offers a variety of jaw-dropping experience, dramatic landscapes that are seemingly from another planet. A relative safe heaven from political and terrorism troubles, your time to explore Sudan is now!

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Why Uzbekistan in February

The joy of direct flights between Singapore and Tashkent in Uzbekistan meant that access to the Central Asia nation has never been greater. Mild winter climate, sunny blue skies offers a delightful contrast to the colors and cityscape of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, coupled with the intriguing culture and tales of the ancient Silk Road. 

The Experience

Uzbekistan often is the first nation to be explored among the "5 Stans" where you will be given a quintessential glimpse into the ancient Silk Road to its more recent rule by the Soviets. Ornate mosques, opulent mausoleums and charming labyrinths of old streets take you back in time to a land at the crossroads of empires. 

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Why Myanmar in February

Despite recent numerous investments particularly from abroad, Myanmar has not lost its charm. Far from that actually and February provides the "secret season" where this actually feels like the new "high season" with blue skies, cool weather and less humidity and a refreshing time to be touring Myanmar along with a cruise on the Ayeyardwady perhaps. 

The Experience

Myanmar offers probably the most exotic appeal among the Indochina nations with experiential lodges, charming colonial hotels, boutique and luxurious Ayeyardwady river cruises and opulent resorts. Adding to that the ancient monuments which take you back in time just 3hrs flight away from Singapore. You have no reason not to experience Mesmerizing Myanmar. 

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Why Tanzania in February

February is known as the "secret season" in the calendar's year-round migration period where more than thousands of wildebeest calves are born from early January to late February each year and it is also this time where connoisseur safari travelers will enjoy a brutal yet fulfilling safari experience. The calves vulnerability gives rise to more tactical hunting from predators and the story of survival cannot be more visual and thrilling than the calving season. 

The Experience

The wildebeest herd will reside in the Southern Serengeti during February, giving birth to thousands of new calves. Exciting lodges and camps track the rather subdued movement of the herd at this time, with more hunt in action, more stories of survival unfolding, more tales to tell in front of the campfire at night with fellow safari-goers. 

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Why India Wildlife Safari in February

Even tigers hate the heat and there are simply no solace from the punishing heat and humidity in summer. Winter however, is mild in Central India and the tigers come out to play, hunt and strut their fabulous coat in its full glory. For the accomplished big cat safari-goer, there is simply no substitute for the Bengal Tiger experience. 

The Experience

Opulent yet experiential. Designer yet charming. These traits best describe the magnificent camps and lodges in the national parks where our tiger safaris operate, giving travellers the "Africa Experience" of a comfortable stay, sumptuous meals and expert guides who knows the tigers' habitat and behavior like no other. 

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