Founders Journeys features our collection of small-group extraordinary sojourns catering to no more than 8 privileged individuals to some of world's most far-flung, remote and wild destinations. Special relationships, local experiences come into the equation where it is only possible on a small group basis. On our series of special journeys, we are proud to present to you the most authentic representation of experiential travel in Beyond X Boundaries' signature maverick style. 

About Founders Journeys

Unique Accommodations
Founders Journeys employ the use of unique lodges and accommodations to reflect the local character of the destination as much as possible providing you not just a place to stay but a destination experience.
Small International Group
Founders Journeys celebrate diversity and through the exchange of cultures and ideas, we learn more about one another on our groups of no more than 8 travelers, enjoying an intimate experience.
Unique Destinations
Only an extraordinary destination fits into the profile of Founders Journeys and you will be sure we will take you to some of the most breath-taking and less-trodden destinations in the world.
Local Experience
Enjoy local experiences possible only through personal relationships where you can enjoy a non-commercial aspect of a journey that does not come by chance.
More than Just Guides
We are proud to have a portfolio of amazing guides around the world whom we know closely and enjoy their close attention to details, knowledge and care.

Credit: Ivan Ricoy, our expert guide in Andalusia, Spain
No Single Supplement
We believe single travelers should enjoy the same privileges as the rest. We’ll gladly pair you up with a roommate of the same gender to ensure you enjoy the same price.
"My Own Room" Option
We understand the need for privacy and sometimes it is more comfortable having your own room. Single travelers have the option for a single room at an affordable rate.
You will automatically be rewarded with a 5% Loyalty Discount after travelling on a Founders Journeys trip with us as a motivation to continue travelling on more unique and inspiring adventures.
Sustainable Tourism
We care about the world, about poverty issues, about wildlife conservation, heritage protection and disaster relief. A portion of what you pay for a Founders Journeys will be donated to our international network of charity organizations.
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Journeys in 2020 

Lebanon Revealed  6th - 14th May, 2020 - CONFIRMED DEPARTURE

Journey into Lebanon - a land steeped in history through changing conquests from the Phoenician era to the French colonial period and connecting the nexus of Christianity & Islam. Its recovery of its violent past speaks volumes of a country that is putting all those turbulent times behind with renewed vigor. 

Zambia, A Journey of Survival  28th Oct - 04th Nov, 2020

Remote, untouched and absolutely pristine, the golden grassy plains of Liuwa Plain National Park is home to the second-largest wildebeest migration in Africa numbering in the tens of thousands. Combine that expedition with the Lower Zambezi National Park - home to the Big 5 and stark contrast and wilderness from the Victoria Falls. 

Secrets of Saudi Arabia Dec 2020 - TO BE ANNOUNCED

Journey to the birthplace of Islam - Saudi Arabia, a hermit kingdom that has long shielded itself from the rest of the world. Discover the secrets and gems with some of the most fascinating culture, heritage and legacies of the Nabateans as we uncover colorful markets, desert landscapes, imposing fortresses and unique architecture on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. 

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