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Four Seasons of Hokkaido

Welcome to Hokkaido, the land of four seasons and home to an amazing array of sights, wilderness and wildlife, culture and heritage, gastronomy and more. The northernmost frontier of Japan thrills with an exciting variety of experiences that can only be witnessed to be believed. Join us for some of the most incredible sojourns that so distinctively create the true Hokkaido experience. 

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Hokkaido is a heaven for gastronomy. Being foodies and chefs ourselves, we naturally understand the quality and insatiable pursuit for flair and excellence. From the sea urchin mecca of the Shakotan Peninsula to the awesome Shima Ebi caught fresh from the Notsuke Peninsula. From the highly-revered King Melons of Yubari to the Abashiri Drift Ice Crab, we are purveyors of "food-venture". There is a reason why travellers keep returning to Hokkaido and food is often ample enough. 


Experiences are what define Beyond X Boundaries journeys and sojourns. In Hokkaido, we get to know people, build relationships, make friends and create a sustainable model for tourism to allow our guests to feel the privilege, enjoy an immersive and interactive experience that enhances your journey to a whole new level hard to replicate. We pride ourselves on being Mavericks of Experiential Travel and we duly deliver above and beyond illustriously demonstrated in our Hokkaido journeys. 

Cool Star Luxury Limousine

Best suited for small families or group of friends up to 6 persons comfortably, the Cool Star Luxury Limousine is a perfect choice to create a most pleasant travelling experience in Hokkaido in style and comfort. With a English-Speaking private attendant, unlimited beverages and alcohol, snacks, Wi-Fi on board and well-furnished leather seats, it is like travelling business class on the road! We can customize your journey with Cool Star Luxury Limousine with ease. 


Our keen eye for charming properties and details of experiences means that a trip to Hokkaido is never just about sometimes, frivolous 5 star hotels or resorts. We work with independent lodges, auberges, ryokans and retreats, forging a relationship that is genuine and complementary to create unforgettable experiences in Hokkaido. Whether it is a boutique hot spring retreat, a farmstay or a culinary auberge, we know the owners and we bring the experience to you right from your arrival.  


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