Undiscovered, diverse and offering an array of landscapes that thrills even the well-travelled, Georgia dazzles with its historical legacy in the heart of the Caucasus. The birthplace of wine offers an insight into a Christian Kingdom with great heritage contrasts, amazing adventures and hospitable people. 

Georgia - Heart of the Caucasus

Beyond X Boundaries is proud to be one of the pioneers of experiential travel to Georgia where we take you on cultural journeys and expeditions to one of the most unexplored frontiers in the world. Through our ground knowledge and understanding of what makes Georgia truly tick, we take you through the window into the heart and soul of the Caucasus, amazing experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Georgia - Heart of the Caucasus

This is the quintessential sojourn of Georgia as we take you to the very heart and pulse of this great historic country on a journey filled with experiential elements, take a step back in time to the early and Medieval Ages, the origins of wine production and uncovering some of the most amazing landscapes. 

Expedition into Remote Svaneti


An enigma, wild, remote and very less-trodden, the Svaneti region packs jaw-dropping picturesque villages with stunning Caucasus Mountains backdrops, medieval defensive towers and some of the most hospitable people. Journey on this expedition to uncover the secrets of Svaneti. 

Uncharted Tuscheti - Where Time Stood Still


Untouched, wild and virtually uncharted territory, the Tusheti region is one of the world's most hidden secrets. Journey into the wild remote corners of Tusheti accessible only on 4WD  and arrive into timeless villages and landscapes from a bygone and forgotten era. 

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