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Germany & Switzerland are traditional heavyweights in the world of travel, yet perhaps only 30% of its secrets are truly revealed, as does its impeccable wines, a revered portfolio that are hardly exported. Beyond the Swiss Alps in Switzerland and the Rhine Valley in Germany lies some of the most traditional culture and heritage, a dedication to creating the most sumptuous gastronomy offerings and a passion to keeping the beauty of its charming towns and villages intact. We show you our version of Germany & Switzerland. 

Moselle & the Middle Rhine

Embark on a journey less travelled as we uncover the secrets of the Moselle and the Middle Rhine experiencing the mesmerizing hinterlands, the stunning wine valley routes, fairy-tale castles and villages and epicurean cuisines that are some of the finest anywhere in Europe. 

Upper Rhine & the Black Forest

Unlock the secrets of the Upper Rhine & the Black Forest as we take you on a less-trodden journey into the old heritage of Germany, savoring authentic traditional cuisines, sampling less-documented fine wines and the magical atmosphere of charming towns and villages. 

Treasures of Saxony

We journey into the pulsating heartbeat of Germany to the landlocked region of Saxony, former East Germany discovering its hidden gems beyond Dresden on a wonderful sojourn combining the arts, gastronomy, wine and the old spirit of Germany's past. 

Legacies of the Hanseatic League


Embark on an inspiring journey of the Hanseatic League on the Baltic coasts of Northern Germany, "The Silk Road of the Seas", for 400 years a vital economy-shaping trade route that created a prosperous time for the coastal kingdoms from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea and at its height of power, one of the most important periods in history for forging traditions and exchange of ideas. 

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