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Journey to Greece, a land steeped in history, mystery and one that gave birth to the concepts of democracy and philosophy. Travelers will get a glimpse of more than 3,500 years of history, from the Palace of Knossos and the Parthenon to the newly discovered Amphipolis Tomb. With almost 2,500 islands, sea and sun are at their best in Greece: spotless sands and clear blue
water abound. The landscape offers a picturesque variety, from whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches to neoclassical architecture and traditional authentic villages in the mountainous areas. This is your opportunity to witness the fabled land. 


Fables of Zagoria 

Take the road less travelled to the stone villages of Zagoria, endowed with extraordinary natural beauty, a vast temperate forest ecosystem, distinctive architecture, cultural wealth and the sheer romance of an ancient way of life, best known for its traditional villages that has stood the test of time. 


Crete - A Hedonist Retreat

A feast for the senses, sojourn to Crete, the largest island in Greece that permeates a sense of mystery and warmth unlike any other Greek island with scintillating beaches, captivating history and heritage and unforgettable wine and gastronomy. Be enchanted by the island of a thousand images, filled with an open-heart and vivacious spirit. 

Epidavros Theatre.jpg

The Peloponnese Philosophy

Discover the cultural and heritage riches of the Peloponnese Peninsula, blessed with the incredible ancient sites of bygone eras, spectacular coastlines, aged-old traditions and an understated viticulture scene that has gone under the radar. On this exploration of the Peloponnese, we discover in depth the many facets of a region with infinite impressions. 


Thrace to Thessaly

An ancient land covered by virgin forests and fascinating wildlife, Thrace & Thessaly are blessed with ancient castles, ruined towers, bridges dating back to the Middle Ages and villages built harmoniously with the stunning environment and nature blending perfectly with the orphic mysteries of antiquity that still survives the passage of time. 

The Cyclades


In this region, "The Big Blue" is everywhere. It's one of the reasons Luc Besson chose to film a big part of his movie in the Cyclades. These islands sprinkled all over the Aegean sea have in common this divine sunlight, crystal-clear water beaches and charming traditional villages. However each one has its own unique identity. With incredible resorts dotted around the Cycladic islands, let Beyond X Boundaries help you plan your most intimate island lifestyle. 




The Cyclades is a paradise for gastronomy. Being foodies ourselves, we naturally understand the quality and insatiable pursuit for flair and excellence. From the stunning array of seafood to the delightful local produce , we are purveyors of "food-venture". There is a reason why we design the best journeys that pays homage to the Cyclades' rightful place at the top as a culinary destination. 



Experiences are what define Beyond X Boundaries journeys and sojourns. In the Cyclades, we build relationships, make friends and create a sustainable model for tourism to allow our guests to feel the privilege, enjoy an immersive and interactive experience that enhances your journey to a whole new level hard to replicate. We pride ourselves on being Mavericks of Experiential Travel and we duly deliver above and beyond illustriously demonstrated in our Cyclades sojourns. 


Details & Flexibility

No two journeys to the Cyclades are the same. While others are fixated on a "set program", the Cyclades for us are tailored down to the most minute of details, allowing for full flexibility of your time, your needs. Heck, we could even combine an inspiring journey with Turkey if time is not even any concern. Such is the splendor and uniquely different identity of the Cycladic islands. 



Our keen eye for charming properties and details of experiences means that a trip to the Cyclades is never just about frivolous 5 star hotels or resorts. We work with independent lodges and private villas forging a relationship that is genuine and complementary to create authentic experiences. Depending on the dynamics of your journey, we will recommend the most suitable lodging for your needs.


Wedding & Photography

There is no denying the fact that the Cyclades are perhaps the top wedding and photography destination in the world with the inspiring and unforgettable scenes that captures every romantic moment. Beyond X Boundaries collaborates with world class photographers and wedding planners to execute your "Big Fat Greek Wedding" aspirations to perfection. 

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