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One of the world's last wilderness, Greenland is a land of extremes. Few places in the world combine such magnificent scenery, clarity of light and raw power of nature with swaths of beautiful, unfenced wilderness with the freedom to create your own adventure. We take you on a journey of Greenland uncovering the spectacular landscapes, remote villages and towns, unique culture and diverse wildlife. 

Greenland - West to East Expedition (May - July)

Join us on this expedition journey and exploration of Greenland from the west to the east to witness the astounding landscapes, wilderness and wildlife as we uncover spectacular and dramatic iceberg and glacier settings, hop on safaris to discover the adapted wildlife, hike adventures for the adventurer in you to witness Greenland in all its elements. 

Greenland Off The Beaten Path (May - July)

We take you on a journey of Greenland off the beaten track exploring the unspoiled nature and landscapes, raw natural beauty, driving on ATVs, glacier hiking, sailing to some of the most remote places in Greenland while uncovering the quintessential sights that make Greenland so desirable. 

Greenland in Winter & Northern Lights (Jan - April)

Be captivated on this winter sojourn of Greenland experiencing life in winter and witnessing the phenomenal Northern Lights in the realm of the Arctic on this journey to Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. Join in a slew of winter activities in the full essence of Greenlandic culture. 

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