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Greenland Off The Beaten Path

We take you on a journey of Greenland off the beaten track exploring the unspoiled nature and landscapes, raw natural beauty, driving on ATVs, glacier hiking, sailing to some of the most remote places in Greenland while uncovering the quintessential sights that make Greenland so desirable. 


Visit the Greenland Ice Cap

Admire the UNESCO Ilulissat Icefjord

Stay in the elusive Ilimanaq Lodge with views of the icebergs

Enjoy a visit to the lesser-known Tasiusaq Fjord and glacier hike



We leave Copenhagen this morning for a pleasant flight on Air Greenland to Kangerlussuaq. On arrival, be received by your guide as we slowly settle down in this small town renowned for the Greenland Ice Cap where we embark on an excursion to Point 660 where we have the opportunity to walk upon the ice itself standing on the world's largest sea of ice. On our return, we have the opportunity to witness herds of Musk Ox, an imposing and fascinating sight of the Arctic. 

Overnight: Hotel Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq

Meals: NIL


A brand new day begins with refreshed endeavours as we head north towards Disko Bay for a short 45mins flight to Aasiaat, where we will be driven to the harbour where we have the opportunity to explore the small fishing town with colourful houses overlooking the skerries and fishermen busy with their fresh catch of crabs and prawns. Later, we embark on a 4 hour boat journey to the whale capital of Greenland, Qasigiannguit where we arrive at the Hotel Diskobay overlooking the harbour dotted with floating icebergs and the occasional Humpback whale swimming close by. 

Overnight: Hotel Diskobay, Qasigiannguit

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


After breakfast, we set out to explore Qasigiannguit, stopping by the local museum and on Sundays, the museum hosts an "Open Settlement" event arranged by local volunteers who dress up in traditional seal skin clothes and making a display of old traditions such as seal flensing, drum dancing, arts and crafts and preparation of food cooked on open fire. With just a small population of 1,300 inhabitants, Qasigiannguit is well-preserved with its old village atmosphere and sled dogs are a used a lot as a mode of transportation, the bustling harbour atmosphere and on the beach, a teeming population of seals. We will also witness a huge population of whales swimming close to the coast. In the afternoon, we head out on a boat excursion to an abandoned village and then to Qeqertasussuk, an excavated settlement from the Saqqaq culture, one of the earliest immigration in Greenland. We will also sail to Akulliit for some breathtaking scenery before returning to Qasigiannguit. 

Overnight: Hotel Diskobay, Qasigiannguit

Meals: Breakfast


After breakfast, we pack our bags for a day in the mountains. We will hike to the top of the Qaqqarsuaq Mountain from the back where we are rewarded with an impressive view across the entire Disko Bay. If we are fortunate, we will also see some of the many musk oxen living in the area. In the evening, we will embark on a boat journey approaching Ilimanaq Lodge, close to the Ilulissat Icefjord. 

Overnight: Ilimanaq Lodge, Ilimanaq

Meals: Breakfast 


Wake up to the views of icebergs from your bed and after breakfast, we begin a tour of Ilimanaq - one of the smallest villages in Greenland decorated with colorful village houses and housing some of the oldest colonial buildings. We get an insight into the everyday life, whaling culture and later, we will embark on a hike to the Ilulissat Icefjord where we will hike to the Northern Houses. Along the way, we will look for traces of early immigration, the so-called Thule culture and get close to one of the many hidden burial sites while also getting regular glimpse of the Icefjord in the distance. Finally as we reach the end of the hike, be rewarded with close up views of the gigantic icebergs in front of you. 

Overnight: Ilimanaq Lodge, Ilimanaq

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 


After breakfast, we hop onto an ATV vehicle off-track to get to the Tasiusaq Fjord system and thereafter, continue by boat to the end of the fjord to admire one of the less-visited and seen fjords in Greenland. At the end of the fjord, we will hike to the edge of the Ice Cap to wrap up an eventful and inspiring day. 

Overnight Ilimanaq Lodge, Ilimanaq

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 


We set off after breakfast for an early departure towards Ilulissat on a spectacular boat ride passing by giant icebergs as tall as 100m at the estuary of the Ilulissat Icefjord. After a stunning boat ride, we arrive into the Hotel Icefiord with mesmerizing views overlooking the Disko Bay. Thereafter, begin a guided walk in Greenland's largest town to learn about the history and character of the town through the vivid accounts from your local guide. Later this evening, we enjoy a sensational Midnight Sun boat trip (May to July) to witness spectacular hues of the sun against the icebergs. 

Overnight: Hotel Icefiord, Ilulissat

Meals: Breakfast


This morning, we will make a hike to Sermermiut which translates to "the glacier dwellers", referring to the fact that the place used to be a settlement. Throughout 4,000 years, different Inuit cultures inhabited the Sermermiut Valley and it is here we will see the entire Ilulissat Icefjord and iceberg after iceberg as far as the eye can see. Later in the afternoon, we join an excursion for a whale safari that will take you very close to the whales in their element with over 15 different species of whales in the area. The most common being the Humpback Whale. 

Overnight: Hotel Icefiord, Ilulissat

Meals: Breakfast


Today, enjoy an excursion to the Eqi Glacier on a boat trip to get close to the edge of the glacier and experience how large chunks of ice fall into the waters with deafening crashes. Enjoy a pleasant day out including lunch onboard. We will also pass many interesting places along the way such as Bredebugt, the Oqaatsut village and the large Pakitsoq fjord system where whales and seals often play in the water. 

Overnight: Hotel Icefiord, Ilulissat

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch


A journey of a lifetime comes to an end as we transfer to the airport for our flight to Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq. 

Meals: Breakfast


Hotel Kangerlussuaq is operated by Greenland Airports, Mittarfeqarfiit, which is wholly-owned by the Government of Greenland and based at Greenland's largest international airport, has 70 rooms in the transit building and 40 rooms in the annex building, providing a comfortable stay with easy access for excursions to the Ice Cap. 

Hotel Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq

Located high on the rocks on the Diskobay, Hotel Diskobay offers front row seats to an excellent view of the bay and Disko Island. Rooms are comfortable and offers views over the bay, harbour or the town.

Hotel Diskobay, Qasigiannguit

Newly opened in 2017, Ilimanaq Lodge offers 15 stunning luxury cabins with front row views of the Ilulissat Icefjord. Each cabin is equipped with its own solar panels that supply energy for heating and electricity. Spaciously-built, each cabin contains well-appointed bath, toilet and modern furniture. 

Ilimanaq Lodge, Ilimanaq

The modern Hotel Icefiord in Ilulissat offers well-appointed rooms with private bathroom and the public area allows spectacular views of Disko Bay and the surroundings. The hotel has an onsite ala carte restaurant offering international dishes and traditional Greenlandic fares in Summer. 

Hotel Icefiord, Ilulissat


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