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From the deserts of Gujarat to the palaces of Rajasthan. From the high Himalayan peaks to the backwaters of Kerala. From the ghats of the Ganges to the erotic temples of Khajuraho. India is colourful, intriguing, diverse and mind-boggling. There's never a dull moment and every adventure in each region offers a completely different experience as though travelling to multiple countries. Such is the allure of India. Incredible!

Quintessential Rajasthan & Golden Triangle

Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra are the jewels in India's crown. From fairy-tale palaces and epic forts to dizzying festivals and wildlife encounter, this is India at its quintessential best. On this journey, we discover the legacies of the Rajputs, medieval societies, arts and culture in style.

On this journey, we go deep into the road less travelled uncovering Rajasthan in its full essence and following in the legacies of the Rajputs. An extraordinary sojourn witnessing some of the most spectacular forts to the tantalising splendours of the desert. This is the real Rajasthan!

Rajasthan The Road Less Travelled


Karnataka Revealed

Take the road less travelled as we go in search of South India's spectacular temples, jaw-dropping landscapes and fascinating wildlife on an inspiring and meaningful journey discovering the many splendors of Karnataka. 

Eye of the Tiger

Travel to some of India’s most incredible tiger reserves in search of the king of the jungle, discover serendipity in the wild habitats, sanctuary not only to the endangered tigers but also wildlife such as the elephant, Indian rhino and more. 

Rani Ki Vav stepwell, Patan.jpg

Grandiose Gujarat

Well off the beaten trail, Gujarat, the Land of the Legends is blessed with a long history stretching from from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period. This cultural mix enhanced with over 4500 years of history has endowed Gujarat with some of the greatest historical and archaeological monuments representing the great religions of Asia - Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Islam, Parsi and Sikh.

The Backwaters of Kerala


Relaxed, soul-stirring and blessed with the palm-shaded network of glistening backwaters, Kerala is undoubtedly India's epitome for the "Slow Life", Pristine beaches, spice-inspired cuisine, aromatic tea and rejuvenating Ayuveda puts the cherry on the cake away from the frenzy of the big northern cities. This is a different India, refined and intoxicating. 


The Soul of Ladakh (Jun - Sep)


Into the high Himalayas as we journey into the heart of the Himalayas discovering a land of dramatic jagged mountains, whitewashed stupas and spiritual Tibetan-Buddhism monasteries. Ladakh inspires the intrepid travellers with its vast landscape, charming villages and photogenic settings, an unforgettable discovery of one of the last "Shangri La". 


Spirit of the Ganges


An incredible journey travelling along the sacred river Ganges where you will spend days immersed in some of India's most resplendent cities, villages, temples and forests on board the Ganges Voyager. End your journey in Varanasi, soaking in the stories of the ghats and rituals on this epic sojourn. 

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