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Iran's Northwestern Frontiers Expedition

An incredible journey of epic proportions for the culture junkie and the repeat traveller to Iran. This sojourn takes us to the northern and western frontiers of Iran less trodden and off the beaten path. Witness an amazing array of UNESCO World Heritage sites and some of the oldest civilizations. 


Stay in the best hotels in on this journey

Visit some of the most spectacular ancient UNESCO sites in Iran

Savour unique local cuisines in North & West Iran

Experience an insiders experience of touring Iran 



Arrive into Kermanshah, one of the oldest cities in Iran dating back to the 4th Century under the patronage of Sassanian kings and an important strategic civilization in the Kurdistan region in the foothills of the Zagos Mountains. Begin our exploration of the city with a visit to the Taq-e Bostan, renowned for some of the finest rock carvings and best-preserved examples of Persian sculptures under the Sassanians. Thereafter, visit the Mo'avenalmolk Museum, built in 1897 and unique for its pictures on its walls that relates to Shahnameh, despite its more religious ones.  We also visit the Tekye-ye Biglarbeigi, one of the most important buildings in Kermanshah completed in 1898 adorned with exquisite rooms, alcoves, mirror works and a stunning courtyard. Finally, we spend some time in the Jewish Bazaar where you will witness vendors selling traditional Kurdish clothes, spices, hand-made crafts and more. 

Overnight: Parsian Kermanshah Hotel, Kermanshah

Meals: Lunch & Dinner


A spectacular day begins as we travel through the stunning Kurdish landscape to Palangan, a beautiful village with houses piled against a mountainside. We stroll through the village and meet with the friendly Kurdish villagers. Palangan is one of the most iconic villages in Iran where two halves of the village are built on a mountain slope, and a river flows between. Thereafter, we continue our journey to Hawraman, a region in Iranian Kurdistan on the border with Iraq. We arrive in the beautiful valley of Hawraman e Takht with stunning Kurdish villages. We spend the evening here and enjoy a simple and friendly atmosphere greeted everywhere by the exceptionally-friendly Kurdish people. 

Overnight: Hawraman Hotel, Hawraman

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



Spend a wonderful morning today taking a stroll in the village and explore the valley. In the afternoon, we continue our drive to Negel where we make a brief stop to learn about the village, renowned for a volume of the Holy Quran in the Kufic script which is kept in the mosque, dating back to more than 1000 years ago. Thereafter, we continue our drive past beautiful fertile valleys and the stunning mountain backdrop to Sanandaj, capital city of Kurdistan where we will witness locals dressed uniquely in baggy trousers for the men and colourful floral dresses and headscarves for the ladies. 

Overnight: Hotel Shadi, Sanandaj

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



A beautiful journey today travelling past the Zagos Mountains as we arrive and visit the UNESCO-listed ancient archaeological site of Takht-e Soleyman, a wonderful combination of Zoroastrian sanctuary, Sassanian palaces, fire temples and Islamic architecture. Thereafter, we continue to the city of Zanjan, capital city of the Zanjan Province. 

Overnight: Zanjan Grand Hotel, Zanjan

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Begin the morning with a visit to the Rakhtshurkhaneh, a traditional Qajar era laundry house and today it is Zanjan's Museum of Anthropology. This place was used for washing clothes by women around the city. Later we travel out of the city to visit the UNESCO-listed Soltanieh Dome, erected between 1302 to 1312 and is the the world's third largest dome after the domes of Florence Cathedral and Hagia Sophia. 

Overnight: Zanjan Grand Hotel, Zanjan

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


We set off on a journey north to Tabriz, one of the historical capitals of Iran and where Marco Polo describe it with vivid praise of its beautiful gardens. On arrival, we begin our visit of Tabriz visiting the UNESCO-listed Tabriz Bazaar - one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world. Here, we take a walk to different sections of the bazaar that has maintained its importance of Tabriz's economy till now. We will also visit the Blue Mosque, built since the 15th Century and the interiors are tiled with superb blue ceramic and tiles. Worth a stop too is the Poets' Mausoleum with its iconic interlocking concrete arches, commemorating over 400 scholars whose tombs have been lost in various earthquakes. 

Overnight: El Goli Pars Hotel, Tabriz

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


An inspiring day as we take an excursion to the 13th Century Troglodytic stone village of Kandovan, renowned for its cave homes carved out of cone-shaped rock formations. We take our time to stroll through the colony of houses, of which some have been continuously inhabited for more than 700 years. 

Overnight: El Goli Pars Hotel, Tabriz

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Sadly, our journey comes to an end. Be transferred to Tabriz Intl Airport for departure. 

Meals: Breakfast


Located in the northern part of the city near archaeological and historical monuments, the Parsian Hotel Kermanshah is one of the newest in the Parsian hotel group. Designed for tourist and business travellers, it offers the highest standards of service of any hotel in Kermanshah. 

Parsian Kermanshah Hotel, Kermanshah

Hawraman Hotel is a cozy hotel in Oraman Takht, which is made of stone. Rooms at this hotel are all equipped with television sets and refrigerators, free Wi-Fi and the hotel has a coffee shop, a restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Persian and Kurdish dishes. 

Hawraman Hotel, Hawraman

Located on the outskirts of Sanandaj, the Hotel Shadi offers the best accommodation in town with views over the city. The spacious air-conditioned rooms are all ensuite and have satellite television. 

Hotel Shadi, Sanandaj

The Zanjan Grand Hotel is a privately-owned property that has been recently opened on the outskirts of Zanjan facing the Alborz Mountains. The hotel has a modern and fresh feel to it with bright colours and contemporary furniture. The hotel's bedrooms are all ensuite and equipped with individual climate control, mini-fridge, television. 

Zanjan Grand Hotel, Zanjan

The El Goli Pars Hotel offers a beautiful view of Tabriz and is near to the El Goli Park. The hotel has a revolving restaurant with 350 square metres and unique view on the roof of Tabriz. 

El Goli Pars Hotel, Tabriz


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