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Steeped in ancient history, culture and religions and at the crossroads of conflicts that evolves the world that it is today, Israel & the Palestine territories have drawn travelers since the early days despite the neverending provocations for the three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam have shaped thoughts, actions and geographical boundaries in the world that we live in today. Nevertheless, we take nothing away from the wonders - both natural and historical that provides such an enthralling experience to this part of the world.


The Road to Jerusalem

On this quintessential journey of Israel, experience some of the most incredible pilgrimage and religious sites, spectacular landscapes and astounding historical wonders across the northern and central realms of Israel on the road to Jerusalem. 

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Trails of the Nabateans (Israel to Jordan)

Covering almost half of Israel's total land area, the Negev Desert is one of Israel's most incredible and landscape with its largely unpopulated spaces, an ancient nomadic Bedouin heritage and some of the most jaw-dropping geology, not mentioning a prolific wine-producing region. Then enter into Jordan following on the trails of the Nabateans on the spice route to Petra.  


The Heart of Palestine

Take the road less-trodden to discover life in Palestine and the critical issues in the Holy Land understanding the history of events that shaped the region into its current status while experiencing its mesmerizing wonders. Not a journey for everyone but Palestine offers diversity and memorable experiences for the intrepid traveler. 

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