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Hardly surprising that Italy is right up there as the perennial favourite destination for world travellers considering the sheer amount of experiences, sights and gastronomic delights. From the ski paradise of the Dolomites to the prolific culinary and wine regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria. From the stunning Liguria Coast to the equally awesome Amalfi Coast, Italy thrills in all aspects and more for the first-time visitor or the repeat traveller. 

Piedmont & the Aosta Valley 

Embark on an exceptional journey into Piedmont & the Aosta Valley - the Land of Barolo & Barbaresco wines, epic UNESCO sites and some of the most incredible mountain ranges in Italy. Home as well to the stunning and revered white truffles in the world, this is a sojourn that tantalize all senses. 

Tuscany & Umbria for the Connoisseurs

Verdant vineyards, rolling hills, olive groves and medieval hill towns provide the setting for "La Bella Vita". Explore Tuscany & Umbria with us on a true connoisseur's journey to experience authentic wine pursuits, enjoy some of the finest cuisines and visit astonishing UNESCO sites. 

Perfectly Puglia 

A less-trodden journey to the far south-eastern reaches of Italy to Apulia. Strategically-located along the coasts of the Adriatic, Apulia fascinates with an array of architectural styles and cultural influences and excites with breath-taking Mediterranean fervour. This is one region in Italy you don't want to miss. 

Beyond Cinque Terre (April - October)

On this journey, we will experience the mesmerizing Cinque Terre villages and beyond. Remote, dramatic settings and colourful charming buildings, each of the villages tells its own story with compelling allure. Discover Cinque Terre with us on an unusually-refreshing adventure. 

Abruzzo - The Hidden Italy

Journey to Abruzzo - The Hidden Italy that stretches from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea on some of the most mountainous and wild terrain, often dubbed the "Green Heart of Europe". Abruzzo is still largely less-documented but its wine, cuisines, heritage and landscape represents one of the last old world of Italy that exudes a unique nostalgia. 

A Sicilian Sojourn 

Discover Sicily, a land of active volcanoes, indomitable mountains, inspiring and storied ancient Greek & Roman sites, captivating gourmet and wine and a smorgasbord of cultural influence. Explore the mesmerizing region blessed with incredible beauty and a wine connoisseur's paradise to go along with endless stretches of incredible coastal charm. 

The Dolomites Mountain Life (Jun - Sep)

Wild alpine meadows, deciduous and evergreen woods, high altitude lunar-like terrain, soaring peaks, dramatic walls and towering heights alternate with the refined South Tyrolean towns of Val Gardena, Alta Badia and Sesto Dolomites, and hidden delicious mountain inns that you encounter during your daily hikes. This adventure showcases the beauty of the Dolomites in all of their grandeur.


Secrets of Sardinia (May - Oct)

Embark on a journey of Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean with some of the most fascinating documented history in the ancient world dating to the Nuragic era, astonishing beaches and coastlines, alluring heritage and wild hinterlands that allows you a different world away from mainland Italy. 

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