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Japan delights its visitors with artistic originality and effortless elegance. Rich cultural illustrations set a veridical scene, before interwoven narratives take on surrealistic tones, giving destinations an almost mythical feel. The whole country is encased in an absorbing vibrancy, compelling travelers to keep exploring Japan's sublime mix of ancient traditions and contemporary living. 

Nara & Mie - The Spiritual Kii Peninsula 

We journey to the largest peninsula in Japan - the magical Kii Peninsula where some of Japan's most ancient secrets remained unrevealed. Experience part of the sacred pilgrimage route and savour the finest cuisines on this spectacular journey of epic proportions. 

The Soul of Hokuriku (Nov - April)

On this journey, we travel to the Hokuriku region in Central Japan, blessed with the rich bounties of the Sea of Japan on a mesmerizing journey uncovering less-trodden towns, stunning mountain scenery, ravishing seascape and a treasure trove of amazing seafood including a documentation of the ancient "Saba Kaido" Mackerel Route. 

Four Seasons of Hokkaido

Welcome to Hokkaido, the land of four seasons and home to an amazing array of sights, wilderness and wildlife, culture and heritage, gastronomy and more. The northernmost frontier of Japan thrills with an exciting variety of experiences that can only be witnessed to be believed. Join us for some of the most incredible sojourns that so distinctively create the true Hokkaido experience. 

Legends of Shimane & Okayama

Journey off the beaten track to the less-trodden Shimane & Okayama Prefectures to discover a land steeped in ancient traditions, legacies of the samurais, invigorating hot springs and inspiring arts and crafts. 

Secrets of Shikoku PART I - An Autumn Sojourn

The least-visited region in Japan appeals to the seasoned traveler with an appreciation for nature, adventure, culture and intoxicating hot springs. Experience a Japan less-trodden! 

Secrets of Shikoku PART II - A Spring Journey

The least-visited region in Japan appeals to the seasoned traveler with an appreciation for nature, adventure, culture and intoxicating hot springs. Experience a Japan less-trodden! This PART II continuing the discovery of fascinating Shikoku!

Idyllic Izu Peninsula - Sakura, Onsen & Fuji

Discover the splendors of early Spring in the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture with the early blooming cherry blossoms, intoxicating hot springs of Shuzenji, exciting cuisines and the magnificent landscapes of Mount Fuji in a less-documented sojourn designed to capture imaginations. 

Kyushu for the Connoisseurs

Realm of the Gods, Land of Onsens. There are many faces to Kyushu. Discover some of the most astonishing natural landscapes, alluring hot springs, delectable cuisine and stunning small towns. Kyushu ticks all the boxes for all your pursuits. 

Chubu - The Heart of Japan

A journey of many facets. Experience the charms of the ancient Nakasendo Way with its rustic feudal post towns, the rejuvenating hot springs of Matsumoto, Takayama and Yamashiro Onsen refined and refined architecture of Kanazawa. Savour the finest cuisines in three different regional styles. 

Chugoku - A Different Japan

Experience a different Japan on this journey as you uncover the gems of Yamaguchi, Hiroshima and Okayama as well as towns along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. Stay in exquisite ryokans and take in some of the less-trodden sights of Japan for the connoisseurs. 

Contemporary Japan - Arts & Gourmet

A journey for the discerning arts and gourmet lover. This journey starts from the culinary heaven of Kobe & Arima Onsen before taking the road less travelled to the beautiful Awaji Island. Explore the arts in Takamatsu, Naoshima Island and finally the beautiful canal town of Kurashiki. 


The Soul of Aomori

Journey to Aomori Prefecture at the tip of mainland Honshu to uncover some of the most aged-old traditions, dramatic landscapes and a smorgasbord of excellent cuisines in this less-trodden region that has kept its soul through the ages with its strong identity. 

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