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JAPAN's Hidden Blossoms

Spring is an unbelievable time to indulge in the tranquil moments of nature, the sudden explosion of colors and ephemeral spring blossoms and at Beyond X Boundaries, we know just the right spots to avoid the international crowds while allowing you to bask in the delightful hues of pink and white. There are no fixed itineraries when Spring Blossoms comes to mind, hence, let us tailor make an exceptional journey for you this coming Spring in Japan!


Why Aomori Prefecture?

Often an overlooked prefecture in the northern-most prefecture/region of mainland Honshu but this is home to probably Japan's most incredible cherry blossoms. Hirosaki Castle represents one of the most photographed sites but the magic lies in the Tsugaru and Shimokita Peninsula where you will find some of the most unknown but jaw-dropping sakura sites in Japan. 

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Best Time To Go

End April to early May is the best time and is more consistent than anywhere else in Japan for "full hanami". However, this period also coincides with Japan's Golden Week and hence, do plan the journey way in advance if you do not want to miss out some exceptional accommodations/lodges in Aomori Prefecture. This is a region in Japan you just can't miss!


Why Yamagata Prefecture?

One of the least-known prefectures and region in Japan that is packed full of traditions, virtually-unknown cherry blossom spots and an intoxicating collection of stunning ryokans, lodges and hot spring retreats. From the alluring charm of Ginzan Onsen to the idyllic villages surrounding the snowc-capped Mount Zao and the agricultural beauty along the Mogami River, Yamagata Prefecture is a hidden gem!

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Best Time To Go

Mid April to witness the incredible spring blossoms that decorate stretches of Yamagata Prefecture following the earlier blossoms in the Yonezawa area to the later blossoms of Sakata, Tsuruoka and Shinjo around the 3rd week of April. Consistency in climatic conditions allows for prolific viewing for almost a week-long sojourn in the mountainous Yamagata Prefecture!


Why Shikoku?

One of the earlier blooming cherry blossom areas that peaks at the end of March. Shikoku's large surface area opens up incredible opportunities to not just view different varieties of spring blossoms but also its mesmerizing culture and heritage, natural landscapes. It's versatility of access also allows you to experience more including the areas near the Seto Inland Sea. 

Sakura Rating 

Best Time To Go

Late March to early April for some of the most jaw-dropping cherry blossoms viewing experiences combining the art-inspired towns of Shikoku such as Matsuyama, Yusuhara to the spectacular nature of the Shimanto & Niyodo River, the Iya Valley and the maritime fervor of the Shonai Peninsula. Shikoku is absolutely spellbinding and memorable!


Why Niigata Prefecture, Japan?

Niigata Prefecture in Spring is blessed with a myriad of different climates. In the mountains, it's adorned with snow while in the lower elevation, its decorated with gorgeous cherry blossoms. Hence you will witness a potent combination of snowcape and spring splendors in one trip and erm...sake! 

Sakura Rating 

Best Time To Go

Mid April to beginning of the 3rd week of April where you will be able to witness fantastic blossoms, as well as the opportunity to marvel at some astonishing festivities such as the Oiran Dotchu Matsuri in the rural town of Tsubame. Due to Niigata's great location, close to the sea and the alps, this is a Spring journey that allows you a wholesome experience!


Why Hyogo Prefecture?

One of the smallest prefectures in Japan but a region that shares an identity similar to Kyoto Prefecture without the fanfare. Hyogo has some of the most hidden and secret cherry blossom spots not known internationally. It's strategic location also offers some of the most exciting cultural journeys of Hidden Japan combining with the likes of Tottori Prefecture to the north, Kyoto Prefecture to the east, Okayama Prefecture to the west and the magical art islands of the Seto Inland Sea to the south. 

Sakura Rating 

Best Time To Go

Late March to early April represents the perfect time to enjoy the full blossoms of Hyogo Prefecture. With the exception of the UNESCO-listed Himeji Castle at the centre of attention for sakura chasers, the rest of Hyogo Prefecture currently enjoys little to virtually no international coverage, allowing you a really pleasant experience. 


Why Gunma Prefecture?

Gunma Prefecture is pure onsen paradise and its proximity to Tokyo allows for an incredible trip within a trip to experience hidden villages and towns, stunning hot springs and an assortment of luxurious retreats. Yet, it is virtually unknown and the lack of attention from the world of travel allows a tranquil experience to savor the magic of Spring while indulging in the therapeutic hot springs and gastronomic offerings that is synonymous with the region. 

Sakura Rating 

Best Time To Go

Early April is the time where you want to get out of Tokyo to the nearby areas of Gunma Prefecture. It's location sandwiched between Tochigi Prefecture, the snowlands of Niigata and Nagano Prefecture and cosmopolitan Tokyo allows a week or more of varied blossom viewings in different directions where the higher elevations blooms late into mid April. 


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