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Kyushu for the Connoisseurs

Realm of the Gods, Land of Onsens. There are many faces to Kyushu. Discover some of the most astonishing natural landscapes, alluring hot springs, delectable cuisine and stunning small towns. Kyushu ticks all the boxes for all your pursuits. 


Stay in some of the finest ryokans in Kyushu

Experience and savour probably Japan's finest cuisines

Witness stunning and spectacular natural landscapes

Meet local artisans and organic producers



On arrival at Fukuoka Intl Airport, be met and transfer to Saga Prefecture, an historically-important trading point influenced by Chinese and Korean culture. Our first visit will be the Yoshinogari Historical Park, an ancient archaeological site dating back to the Yayoi Period (300BC - 300AD) where dozens of pit dwellings, elevated storehouses and over 2000 tombs were unearthed. Carefully reconstructed, the settlement allows insights into one of the earliest-known governments in Japanese history. Thereafter, we continue to Saga City to enjoy the famous Saga Beef and mentaikyo in a delightful restaurant. Finally, we arrive at the stunning Bansyoukaku Sikisima in Ureshino Onsen, a beautiful onsen town lined with traditional buildings. One of the local delicacies in Ureshino is tofu cooked in onsen waters. 

Overnight: Bansyoukaku Sikisima, Ureshino 

Meals: Lunch & Dinner


Today, we take an excursion to the town of Arita, renowned for its exquisite pottery, "Arita-yaki" which dates back more than 400 years of craftsmanship. We take a walk through the town to gather insights on this important industry and the importance of porcelain imparted by the Koreans. Visit sites such as the Tozan Shrine, the Tonbai Wall Alleys where we will visit some artisans. Later, we make a visit to the Zwinger Palace, a reconstruction of the palace of the same name in Dresden, Germany. We also visit the beautiful nature of the Ryumon Valley, surrounded by cherry and maple trees and renowned as one of the most stunning natural beauty in Japan. 

Overnight: Bansyoukaku Sikisima, Ureshino

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Travel south today to the city of Nagasaki in Nagasaki Prefecture, most recently renowned as one of two sites in Japan to be destroyed by atomic bombs during WWII. Visit the UNESCO-listed Nagasaki Peace Park commemorating the atomic bombing on 9 August, 1945. Continue next to Dejima, a man-made island near Nagasaki Port constructed to segregate Portuguese residents from the locals. Other notable sites to visit include the Sofukuji Temple, the famous Meganebashi Bridge and Chinatown, Japan's oldest chinatown established since the 17th Century. Continue next to the Shimabara Peninsula where we arrive at the stunning Azumaen in Unzen Onsen, one of Kyushu's most prolific hot springs. 

Overnight: Azumaen, Unzen Onsen

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Spend another day in Unzen Onsen as we enjoy an excursion of the surroundings. Take the Mount Myokendake ropeway up to 1300m above sea level to witness an extraordinary and stunning views of the mountain range decorated by seasonal flowers (azaleas and dogwood in summer and stunning maple leaves in autumn). We also visit Unzen Jigoku, a natural wonderland of sulphuric hot springs and high pressure fumes rising through the rock fissures. 


Overnight: Azumaen, Unzen Onsen

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


An extraordinary day beckons as we are transferred to Shimabara Port to embark on the high speed ferry (55mins) across the Ariake Sea to the city of Kumamoto. Arriving at Kumamoto, transfer to visit the impressive Kumamoto Castle, one of the most impressive castles and defensive fortifications in Japan. Thereafter, we visit the Baba Jousaien area near the castle which showcases a variety of shops selling local produce and restaurants demonstrating Kumamoto cuisine. We then continue our way to Miyazaki Prefecture, make a stop at the impressive Tsujunkyo Bridge, Japan's largest stone arch aqueduct bridge. Our final destination will be Takachiho Gorge, a narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River. The sheer cliffs lining the gorge are made of slow-forming volcanic basalt columns which resembles the scales of dragons. Along the gorge is the iconic 17m high Minai no taki waterfall cascading to the river below. This evening, we visit the Takachiho Jinja to witness a traditional Yokagura masked dance performance


Overnight: Kamigakure, Takachiho

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Awake to a refreshing day as we leave Takachiho to the town of Oguni to visit the mesmerizing Nabegataki Falls where you will be able to go behind the falls to witness different perspectives. Thereafter, we continue to the beautiful hot spring town of Kurokawa Onsen - one of Japan's most attractive onsen towns with a traditional atmospheric setting making it an enjoyable village for strolls. We then arrive at the stunning environments of Ryokan Takefue, one of the most visually-intoxicating onsen ryokan surrounded by a forest of bamboos. 


Overnight: Ryokan Takefue, Kurokawa Onsen (Shirakawa source)

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Spend another day in Kurokawa Onsen to luxuriate in the magnificent surroundings. Go for strolls in the hot spring town or hike along the beautiful river. Consider an onsen hopping pass to explore the different beautiful hot springs in town. 


Overnight: Ryokan Takefue, Kurokawa Onsen (Shirakawa source)

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Farewell today as we depart Kurokawa Onsen to return to Fukuoka. 


Meals: Breakfast


The Bansyoukaku Sikisima offers comfortable rooms equipped to accommodate the discerning traveller. Situated in the peaceful hot spring town of Ureshino, the inn provides a wonderful array of traditional Japanese cuisine and great hospitality with English-speaking staff. 

Bansyoukaku Sikisima, Ureshino

Azumaen is a pure Japanese-styled luxury inn offering beautiful views of the Oshidori Pond in Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture with fantastic views from rooms and alluring private open air baths. 

Azumaen, Unzen Onsen

Set in a prime location in Takachiho, the Kamigakure puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. Featuring a complete list of amenities, guests are treated to a comfortable and luxurious stay. 

Kamigakure, Takachiho

Guests of Ryokan Takefue arrive via one of the most beautiful roads in Japan with the backdrop of Mount Aso in the distance. Takefue maintains a refined rustic style, farm-type buildings with luxurious and modern amenities surrounded by a bamboo forest. 

Ryokan Takefue, Kurokawa Onsen


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