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Remote Mongolia is still a mystery in this day and age to the rest of the world. Landlocked between Russia and China, it is one of the most enigmatic frontiers where the current heirs of the Mongol hordes are not only placid but eager to demonstrate their preserved culture and heritage and their eternal love for their land. This is a destination of epic inspiration.  

Journey to the Gobi

This unique journey takes us from the 17th century capital city, Ulaanbaatar to the heart of the Gobi Desert. An inspiring journey of epic proportions and serendipitous discovery, experience life as a nomad and gain insights into the fascinating culture and nature of this great land. 

Epic Mongolia with Naadam Festival (July)

Marvel at incredible displays of horsemanship, archery and wrestling from your seat at Mongolia's National Naadam Festival. Enjoy an exclusive stay in traditional felt gers in the Gobi Desert. Experience some of the most stunning landscapes on this epic journey of discovery. 

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