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On the fringe of extremes, the Nunavut region is perhaps Canada's last frontier, an assortment of uninhabited islands, a scatter of Inuit population, a wildlife paradise for arctic adapted animals such as the polar bear, beluga whales, narwhals, musk oxen and more. Nunavut is as wild as it can get. Remote and desolate yet blessed with unfathomable wilderness, some of the most spectacular tundra and landscapes in a world that is nothing less than ordinary. 

Into the Canadian Arctic Wild (Jun - Aug)

We journey to the far Northwest territories to be immersed in the pristine nature and extraordinary wilderness at the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge - home to perhaps the most incredible population of beluga whales, a healthy population of polar bears, musk ox and more. Here, we combine wildlife appreciation with adventures and lots of it in true Canadian style. 

The Great Arctic Caribou Migration (Jun - Sep)

A journey of epic proportions as follow in the path of the Arctic Caribou migration, the largest mammal migration outside of Africa where more than 350,000 herd of caribous travels across the Ennadai Lake in the epic northern wilderness of the Canadian Barren Lands. This is a wilderness few got to witness and we invite you on this extraordinary sojourn to witness this remarkable spectacle. 

The Realm of Narwhals & Polar Bears (May - Jun)

Possibly one of the most epic Arctic adventures as we journey into the realm of narwhals - "Unicorns of the Sea" and polar bears - "Lords of the Arctic" capturing them in their natural habitats. An extraordinary adventure spent mobilizing qamutiks and snowmobiles, kayaks and from an aerial perspective, hotair balloon viewing of the impressive ice floes. 

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