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Path of the Puma (October - April)

Embark on an inspiring adventure of a lifetime on an expedition into the domains of the Patagonian Puma in Chile's magnificent Torres del Paine National Park while uncovering some of the most incredible landscapes on Planet Earth as we go in search of the elusive mammal in a most non-invasive fashion through the eyes of our expert guides. 


Experience the magical landscapes of Torres del Paine 

Go in search of the elusive Puma and unique wildlife of Patagonia

Stay in remarkable lodges in some of the most incredible settings

Enjoy the company of some of the most knowledgeable guides



Arrive Punta Arenas Presidente Carlos Ibanez del Campo Intl Airport where you will be met as we then drive north for 2.5hrs the town of Puerto Natales where we pause for a coffee stop and meet with your puma tracking leader who will coordinate a briefing while your bags will be transferred over to your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which will be your exploration and tracking vehicle for the days in the park. Thereafter, continue for another 1.5hrs drive north to the stunning Explora Patagonia, nestled by the side of the spectacular Lake Pehoe where you will spend the next few nights. Depending on what time you arrive at your hotel, we may

conduct our first game drive within the area to look for pumas and other wildlife. This will be done with the knowledge of our tracker who will have scoped the area for pumas earlier that day. 

Overnight: Explora Patagonia

Meals: Dinner


Your second day will start in the early at 0430hrs with sunrise, early morning light activities and animal

behavior (we’ll have coffee and tasty treats with us). Our tracker will look around the puma lands which are one of the favorite foraging grounds for the guanaco. These mammals are relatives of the Andean llama and the African camel and congregate in the part of the park as its hills and valley walls offer protection from the winds at night. Subsequently, pumas also gather in this same part of the park as they look to feed on guanacos. If our tracker finds something, we will be radioed to let us know. Your morning half-day will end at approximately 1000hrs when we return to the lodge for a late breakfast and break. During this break time, you’ll also have the chance to have lunch, rest, check your gear, download and edit photos, charge batteries, take a shower and enjoy the spa. You’ll depart from the lodge again for evening activities in the same area at around 1600hrs. At this time, the light is usually perfect for capturing photos of the incredible landscape as the setting sun draws out incredible hues. Dinner on day 2 is usually at around 2030hrs - 2100hrs.

Overnight: Explora Patagonia

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Day 3's agenda is to perform a game drive photo safari excursion to photograph all kinds of wildlife and

landscapes around the park from the very early hours of the morning and their gentle light. A dedicated puma tracker will also be hiking across the puma lands to search for pumas and other wildlife for us and will radio in if, and when, they spot something of interest. If you choose to, you can also become a second tracking team and live the experience of tracking a puma first hand. This requires patience, dedication and

silence to keep our eyes and ears open for signs of pumas in the distance. If you don’t wish to try tracking, however, we will simply continue on enjoying the Torres del Paine National Park with other excursions and site visits.  A common area of the Park to spot pumas is Sarmiento Lakewhich contains large formations of sedimentary rock around its shores. These rock formations also feature a series of caves which are a favorite spot for pumas to find shelter from the wind or sun. Our tracking here will take us around most of the western edge of the lake in search for puma families and solitary adults that are often spotted in this area during the

quieter fall, spring and winter months. 

Overnight: Explora Patagonia

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


In searching for the elusive puma, we’ll also explore a series of places inside of Torres del Paine National Park

that provide amazing opportunities for landscape and wildlife photography. By starting our days at dawn and staying out until dusk, you’ll more than likely be able to see the parks best features at the optimal time. This includes seeing the sun hit the Granite Towers at Torres del Paine and you may even be able to catch a shot of the sun hitting the guanacos fur, making it glow in the distance. We’ll visit caves and shelters every day

where big cats sometimes rest after enjoying a meal. Some of these caves also feature paintings of the native Tehuelche tribes that lived in the area in centuries past. Many of the places in the park that are frequented by pumas are also common grounds for other animals. This means that you’ll more than likely have the opportunity to capture amazing photos of things such as guanaco, grey foxes, red foxes, haired armadillos, hognose skunk, European hare, the Andean condor, the Chilean flamingo and Magellanic

woodpecker. Other animals that you may see include the Austral parakeet, ringed kingfisher, Austral pygmy owl, Magellanic horned owl, black chested buzzard eagle, crested caracara, upland goose, ashy headed goose, black swans and plenty more. The list is practically endless! As another magnificent day in the park draws to an end, you’ll retire to the lodge for some rest and relaxation before dinner and an optional spa.

Overnight: Explora Patagonia

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


By Day 5, you’ll have already spend 3 full days in the Torres del Paine National Park tracking pumas and

admiring other wildlife. If the game drives have been good and you’ve already seen pumas and any other wildlife you’d like to see, you can choose to leave the tracking and focus on some hiking and other excursions around the park. The options for other excursions are numerous and varied but include things such as horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, glacier navigations and fly fishing. Please note that while hiking and trekking is included as part of your puma tracking safari, other activities are available at an additional cost. 

Overnight: Explora Patagonia

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


This morning, you will have one last chance for sunrise photography from the hotel and may choose to take

short game drive before breakfast. Regardless of your chose, we’ll return to the hotel by about 9am to check out shortly after and begin driving to Puerto Natales, 1.5 hours away. At Puerto Natales, if your flight doesn’t depart until the late afternoon, we’ll stop to have lunch. Otherwise, you’ll be transferred to another van to head back to Punta Arenas for your flight home or continue your adventures in Chile and beyond. Your exact itinerary on day 6 can be changed based on your departing flight time.

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch


Anchored like a ship by Lake Pehoé, at the heart of Torres del Paine National Park,  Explora Patagonia has a privileged location from where to go out and explore the park. 

Rooms are the perfect combination of simplicity and comfort in order to ensure a deep rest after a day of exploration with amazing views of the Paine Massif, Paine River or Salto Chico Falls. 

Explora Patagonia


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