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East Indonesia & Beyond

From Borneo to Komodo, From Lombok to Papua, and from the Spice Islands to Raja Ampat, there's endless opportunities to witness an amazing array of marine life, snorkel and dive in some of the richest coral reefs, witness spectacular landscapes in one of Planet Earth's most incredible regions. Beyond X Boundaries presents some of the most inspiring voyages to East Indonesia's enchanting paradises, where you can sail in style and comfort. 

Suggested Itineraries

Raja Ampat

(Dec - Mar)

Domain of the Komodo

(Apr - Oct)

Expedition of West Papua

(Dec - Mar)


The Spice Islands & Ambon

(Sep - Nov)



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Exclusive & Personal

On our voyages to East Indonesia & beyond, you will set sail on private and exclusive charter boats and whether it's a sojourn for a couple, a small and intimate family, a group of friends or a corporate retreat, we have just the right-sized boats, the personalized luxury and knowledge of each and every boat's merits and character to suit your needs the most. 

Food & Beverage

Fresh food produce are sourced from local markets and fishermen, well-stocked for every voyage's needs and we cater to individual requests for special dietary requirements without complications. On board, you can eat all you like with food prepared with love and dedication and bars are stocked with local and imported wines, beers, spirits as well as an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks. 



Cruising on a mega cruise ship versus sailing on a yacht/small vessel are never the same. Cabins on board any of our recommended vessels in East Indonesia are spacious, airy, comfortable and fulfilled with all essential needs in more ways than you can imagine. From 1 cabin-only vessels to small family or friends groups, you will enjoy the exclusivity that is second to none. 


On our incredible voyages of East Indonesia & beyond, each experience is filled with wonderment and awe. From snorkeling and diving with manta rays and whale sharks to having a close encounter with a Komodo dragon. From the warm hearty smiles of local villagers in small towns to welcoming island tribes. Each day represents a whole new experience where time is never taken into consideration. We provide you the platform, you create the story. 

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