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Discover Russia & the Baltic States - home to some of the most intriguing history in recent times, spectacular civilizations, stunning landscapes and alluring culture. From the great Soviet cities of the Communist era to the intriguing cities of the Hanseatic League, there is a smorgasbord of fascinating journeys and adventures waiting to be explored. 


The Soul of Russia

Get a touch of multi-sided Russia from its ancient Golden Ring towns to the Imperial wonders of St. Petersburg, and, of course, the bustling capital, Moscow on this quintessential journey in the glorious path of the Russian Tsars. 


Realm of the Nenets (Dec - Apr)

Journey to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug region, where you find yourself in the lost world of the endless tundra. At all times this territory was inhabited by the aboriginal people – the Nenets. Over the years the Nenets people created an original culture that is adapted for the peculiarities of the life in the Arctic region.


Russian Northern Lights Adventure (Dec - Apr)

Head for the snow-white serenity of the Kola Peninsula, where the Saami have herded reindeer for generations and the Northern Lights dance in the clear Arctic sky. The Kola Peninsula, has remained under the tourist radar, yet one of the best destinations on earth to view the Aurora Borealis where you’ll be perhaps one of a handful of visitors to witness the breathtaking spectacle of cosmic iridescence. 


The Frozen World of Lake Baikal (Jan - Feb)

With its enchanted ice caves, dazzling winter sun and dramatic landscapes, winter is without doubt the most spectacular time to experience the frozen world of Lake Baikal, offering intrepid travelers the opportunity to capture some of Siberia's most stunning nature that is once-in-a-lifetime. 

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