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Scandinavia is blessed with some of the most unique, remote and spectacular natural geological landscapes in the world. Comprising Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland and the territorial Faroe Islands, embark on probably the most inspiring journeys of adventure, nature, chic cities and fascinating culture. 

Northern Iceland Expedition (Jun - Sep)

Embark on a spectacular adventure of Northern Iceland witnessing vast landscapes, astonishing geological wonders and adventure into Iceland's most photographic spots. This adventure thrills with endless geology, fjordside pastures, snowcapped peaks and epic waterfalls. 

Iceland in Winter (Nov - Mar)

Winter presents a different experience in Iceland as you uncover astonishing landscapes while taking in the opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights as we call it. The winter season allows you to see a surreal and almost enchanting blanket of colour contrasts that is only possible in winter. 

Norwegian Sojourn of the Fjords (May - Sep)

An epic Summer journey to the most stunning and spectacular Norwegian fjords. Discover amazing landscapes and geology as well as amazing gastronomy, adventure and serendipity in the western coast of Norway. A truly sensational Summer Sojourn!

Norway - Journey to the Arctic Circle (Nov - Mar)

Enter into the far-flung remote corners of Norway in the chase for the Northern Lights and experience a magical winter landscape of exceptional beauty in the Lofoten Islands, Uloya, Alta and Karasjok as we journey to the Arctic Circle. 

Realm of the Faroe Islands (May - Sep)

Voted as the "Number One Destination" by National Geographic, it is easy to understand why with some of the most surreal and untouched landscapes in the world. The remote group of islands sits in the middle of the Altantic Ocean far away from everything else. 

Norway & Sweden Northern Lights Hunt (Dec - Mar)


Travel to the far-flung Lofoten Islands in Norway, experience the heart of Swedish Lapland and witness the magnificent Northern Lights, participate in dog sled mushing, take on an adrenaline-rush on the snowmobile or snowshoe through vast landscapes. Endless fun and discovery!

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