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One of the fastest-growing modern societies in the world, South Korea is surprisingly very much one of the most fascinating cultural havens in Asia. Proud, stoic and resilient, the soul of South Korea is still intact, showcasing its ancient traditions, spectacular cuisines and warm hospitality and people. 

The Soul of Korea

The quintessential journey of South Korea exploring the heart and soul of the country, a land steeped in ancient traditions and heritage, history and a proud legacy. On this sojourn, we see and taste the best of South Korea on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Korea's Heritage & Culinary Trail

On this journey, we go in search of South Korea's ancient heritage and culinary trail experiencing changing landscapes from the ancient village of Jeonju to the mesmerizing green tea fields of Boseong and to the unmistakable beauty of Jeju Island. A fun and interactive essential journey of South Korea. 

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