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Cousins since ancient times, Spain and Portugal continues to fascinate travelers with its distinctively different grasp of life, culture, food, language and music. With southern Andalusia just moments away from North Africa, the influence could not have been more diverse. With one of the most prolific number of UNESCO sites in the world, the Iberian Peninsula seduces with intensity for the discerning audience. 

The Spirit of Alentejo - Portugal

Embark on a less-trodden journey with the soul, the character and the colours of the Alentejo region - renowned as Portugal's answer to Italy's Tuscany, France's Provence or Spain's Basque regions as the undisputed food, wine and cultural journey in the heartbeat of Portugal. 

Medieval Northern Portugal & The Douro

Verdant vineyards, rolling hills, olive groves and medieval towns provide the settings for Portugal's renowned Douro Valley as we embark on a journey sampling fine wines, exquisite gastronomy on a spectacular sojourn in the North of Portugal. 


Allure of the Azores - Portugal

The "Hawaii of the Atlantic" wows with its incredible volcanic geology and for the wild at heart, its 

abundance of marine life. Whatever moniker it is given, the Azores archipelago of Portugal sits at the maritime trading route between Europe and America developed its own unique identity where none of the 9 islands are alike, each with its own legacy and character  Be ready for a wild ride! 

An Extremadura & Alentejo Sojourn - Spain & Portugal

Embark on a less-trodden journey into the beautiful province of Extremadura in Central Spain uncovering the age-old traditions and heritage, cuisines and medieval towns with a combination into the stunning and idyllic countryside of the Alentejo region in Portugal on a road-less-travelled journey. 

Andalusia Road Less Travelled - Spain

Immortalized in operas and vividly depicted in 19th Century artworks, Andalusia is perhaps the true essence of Spain as a whole. Sun-drenched medieval cities, guitar-wielding troubadours, storied bullfighters and alluring Flamenco and perhaps some dose of sherry sums up Andalusia in a nutshell. 

The Soul of Basque, La Rioja & Navarre - Spain

A epic journey into the northeast of Spain from Basque Country - home to the finest gastronomy in Spain to La Rioja - the wine capital of Spain and finally Navarre with fabled medieval cities, evocative villages and inspired fortresses. This is a less-trodden Spain for the connoisseurs. 

Beyond Barcelona - Spirit of Catalunya - Spain

Take the road less-travelled as we unravel the autonomous region of Catalunya beyond Barcelona showcasing its medieval magic, savoring its underrated but spectacular wines, unique Catalan cuisine and witness some of the most mesmerizing landscapes presenting Catalunya in a new vision. 

Catalunya - The Medieval Domain - Spain

The eastern half of Catalunya thrills with some of the most charming and fairytale medieval landscapes and, food origins and heritage of the Garrotxa region, the colorful maritime fervor of the Costa Brava and the distinguished legacies of wine-making of the Emporda region makes this a food, wine and heritage sojourn that takes you on an exceptional journey beyond Barcelona. 

Molinos de Campo de Criptana 5.jpg

Castilla La Mancha - The Path of Don Quixote - Spain

Follow in the footsteps of Don Quixote of La Mancha - quite arguably one of the greatest novels in the history of literature. On this journey, we embark on an incredible collection of medieval towns and villages with some of Spain's most incredible architecture. 


Kings of Castile & Extremadura - Spain

Head to Castilla y Leon, Spain without the stereotypes with vast plains, spectacular mountain peaks and evocative medieval towns and villages. Then continue to Extremadura into the heart of old Spain, from the country’s finest Roman ruins to mysterious medieval cities and time-worn villages. Mérida, Cáceres and Trujillo rank among Spain's most beautifully preserved historical settlements.


Fervor of the Balearic Islands - Spain

Be whisked away into the Balearic Islands - soul of the Mediterranean where we discover Mallorca's ancient villages untouched by time to Menorca's incredible beaches and hedonistic lifestyle. Embark on this stunning heritage, wine and gastronomic adventure to probably Spain's most revered destination of epic proportions. 

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