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Dramatic snow-covered peaks and glaciers, infinite ice fields and a land of extremes with the Polar night in winter in eternal darkness and the summer brightness that seemed to go on forever. This is Europe's final frontier, the last great wilderness and also the domain of the polar bears. One of the harshest environments on Earth is home to some of the greatest geology that Mother Nature has created and we go deep into the Svalbard Archipelago to discover the magic of this icy world. 

Quest for the Arctic (Jun - Sep)

The Arctic summer arrives in late June. The midnight sun reigns supreme, the bird colonies are teeming with life and the purple saxifrage decorates the slopes. Whales and more frequently seen in the waters and more and more snow-free areas become accessible for longer walks. The autumn arrives in late August and offers beautiful colours, a warm light and spectacular sunsets. Beyond words. Just imagine!

To the True North (Jun - Sep)

Remote, adventurous and downright inspiring. We travel to the furthest north accessible by motorized vehicle in Spitsbergen in summer or by snowmobiles in winter. Just like explorers decades ago, we spend days climbing on the glacier, skiing around the fjord and snow valleys and immerse ourselves in the Arctic silence. 

National Geographic Explorer - Land of the Polar Bears

Hop onto the National Geographic Explorer for this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime journey of the Svalbard Archipelago in search of the Kings of the Polar Realm - the Polar Bears. Witness inspiring landscapes and geology, snow-capped mountains, massive sheets of ice on an expedition in its most authentic and purest form. 

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