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When it comes to mountain ranges, there are no match on Earth for the Himalayas. Stretching more than 1,500 miles along the borders of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Tibet, the highest mountains in the world are found here over 24,000 feet high. It is in this region we find some of the most fascinating cultures, way of life, pristine landscapes and intrepid adventures. 

Quintessential Bhutan

For the first time visitor, this journey provides a glimpse of quintessential Bhutan as you visit the modern capital city of Thimphu, the fertile valleys of Punakha and Paro - home to the impressionable Taktsang Monastery. 

Amankora Journey - Bhutan's Finest

Experience Bhutan in style as you experience the best of the country along with the luxurious environments of the Amankora Lodges detailing Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha and Paro on any combination you desire. 

Eastern Frontiers of Bhutan


For the repeat visitor to Bhutan. Discover the eastern frontiers off the beaten track in remote environments and witness some of the most ancient sights in the Kingdom. Experience exciting uncharted paths and soak in the authentic Bhutanese way of life. 


Spiritual Tibet


Without doubt one of the most visually-stunning places in the world, Tibet is the stuff of dreams for many intrepid travellers. Witness the best of Tibet on this amazing journey of discovery of Lhasa, Gyantze and Xigatze. 

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