Adventure spirits in search of your next sojourn, we take you on our Hit List 2018 to discover some of the most incredible destinations beyond the norm from culture and heritage, wine & gastronomy, fascinating wildlife and inspiring landscapes.  



Why You Should Go Now:

A photographer's dream and a geologist's haven, Namibia is truly an enigmatic destination with the world's oldest living desert in the form of the Namib-Naukluft, some of the world's most dramatic canyons and fascinating desert-adapted wildlife not forgetting some of the most reclusive tribes - the Himba and San Bushmen. 

Best Time To Visit:

May to October represents the dry season where there is less vegetation and wildlife congregates around rivers and waterholes which makes it easier for wildlife-viewing. This is the time as well where there is no rain, no humidity and clear blue skies. Comfortable day temperature with cool evenings makes this period a privileged time to experience Namibia. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Despite the troubles stirred recently in Israel, its closest geographical neighbors and the surrounding region, Jordan has maintained its peaceful environment and in fact, gone from strength to strength from a tourism perspective, new investments, new experiential products and more creative energy into a destination that never fails to inspire, Indiana Jones or not. 

Best Time To Visit:

November to March is the most unbelievable season (winter) where temperature never falls below 8 degrees celsius and perennial blue skies, creating exemplary contrast with much of the desert landscapes, canyons and sandstone monuments. New hiking trails reveals a whole set of experiences and spontaneity has never been a more easier approach to touring Jordan. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Writers and the romantics have described Shikoku as "Japan's Last Frontier" for decades and it still remain that way although in recent years, infrastructural improvements has increased traffic to Japan's least-visited island, a paradise of epic valleys, rustic countryside and timeless heritage of "peasants". Such is the beauty of Shikoku that world-acclaimed artists and designers both domestic and international have been inspired to produce some of their finest works here. Need we say more?

Best Time To Visit:

Spring season (late March-early April) in Western Shikoku thrills with stunning cherry blossoms, canola on the Shimanto River while Autumn is scintillating in the dramatic gorges of Oboke, Koboke, the stunning Iya Valley and the tranquil art islands of Teshima and Shodoshima. (Notice we don't even mention Naoshima?) 

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Why You Should Go Now:

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan collectively belongs to a unique trio known as the Caucasus with some of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world, wine-making traditions, jaw-dropping monasteries in dramatic locations and settings. Under-visited thus far, it won't be for long. 

Best Time To Visit:

Early Summer (May-June) is perfect with dry weather, comfortable temperature conducive for hiking. Autumn (late Sep-early Nov) excites with stunning autumn foliage, celebrations for wine harvest where you can participate in grape-crushing, cool weather to perform pleasant hiking. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Rajasthan in its full essence and following in the legacies of the Rajputs with some of the most spectacular forts to the tantalising splendours of the desert. Although Jaisalmer and the western frontiers of the Thar Desert are still remote, we have put in the most experiential and incredible journeys. 

Best Time To Visit:

November to early March provides the most comfortable climate away from the searing heat and with blue skies, cool days and comfortable evenings, offers an incredible time to experience Rajasthan in its full glory. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Having broke out from former Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia has quickly rose to become one of the most coolest destinations in Europe with its exciting capital city, Ljubljana. This hidden Central Europe gem is a combination of Switzerland's alpine landscapes, Germany's medieval castles, lakes reminiscent of New Zealand and stunning autumnal gorges that reminds of Japan. In A Nutshell...Fairytale Magic!

Best Time To Visit:

Late Spring from mid-April to May and then Summer from June to August offers an exciting time to immerse with the great nature, active pursuits like hiking and cycling while tucking in to some of the most revered gastronomic and wine offerings that are lesser-known. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Burgundy is wine-connoisseur country but even for not-so-wine enthusiasts, Burgundy is home to a large collection of France's most charming and beautiful villages, the highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants, spectacular landcapes that inspires. 

Best Time To Visit:

May is perfect as it's right after "En-Primeur". June to July is still pleasant temperature-wise for active pursuits like hiking and cycling. In Autumn (Sep-Oct), it is the wine harvest season where a lot of festivities occurs and when the fields turn golden. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Extremadura is probably Spain's least-visited province. Yet, this region is probably the most beautiful with stunning landscapes and farmlands, magical cherry blossoms in Spring and spectacular foliage in Autumn. Combine that with exciting rural cuisine and under-radar wine regions, this is Spain without the commercial tourism. 

Best Time To Visit:

April for the amazing cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley and November to early December for the stunning autumn colors. May to June represents a great time as well with the charming ferias (festivals). 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Peru has been on the radar for the last 2 decades but has dramatically improved on its gastronomy, wine and adventure scene. With new experiential products, luxury infrastructure, exciting train journeys and stunning lodges, there is never a better time to visit Peru to redefine your Inca adventure. 

Best Time To Visit:

April to October during the dry season for Peru and especially if you are intending to do the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. Clear blue skies provide the contrast to the stark sandstone landscape and green terraces offering a photogenic experience for travellers. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Of the Nordic destinations, the Faroe Islands are the least-visited. Yet when it comes to surreal landscapes, it is probably on a par with the likes of Iceland and Greenland without the glaciers. Still relatively unknown, it won't be for long as the frontiers of Iceland and Greenland has long been breached. 

Best Time To Visit:

March for the settled-down winter season where you can have longer daylight hours while admiring the northern lights in the evenings. May-September is the summer season where you have virtually 24 hours of sunlight. It is also the season where the puffins return to mate and nest, vivid green landscapes that paints an astonishing contrast against the colorful fishing villages. 

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