Adventure spirits in search of your next sojourn, we take you on our Hit List 2019 to discover some of the most incredible destinations beyond the norm from culture and heritage, wine & gastronomy, fascinating wildlife and inspiring landscapes.  



Why You Should Go Now:

A culture and history lover's paradise. Sudan evokes timelessness and adventure appeal . Embroiled in almost 40 years of civil wars, it has recovered through its recent independence. Those who have been to Egypt would love to continue the story and legacy of the Pharaohnic era, explore the ancient civilizations and lost kingdoms. 

Best Time To Visit:

December to February in the winter season with exceptional clear blue skies, lower temperatures ranging between 12 Degrees Celsius in the night to 30 Degrees Celsius by mid day. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Journey and set sail off to one of the most visually-stunning and spectacular islands-regency in the world, the surreal realms of Raja Ampat on an incredible and exclusive experience onboard the Rascal to witness the extraordinary marine biodiversity, truly awe-inspiring geology away from the nuisances of the modern world. 

Best Time To Visit:

Lying on the equator, Raja Ampat's all-year warm waters is the reason why it is home to an amazing resident marine life that include manta rays, whale sharks, bottlenose dolphins amongst many others. The perfect weather conditions between November to early April allows for stunning clear weather that reflects on the spectacular coral reefs, shallow sandbars and prime conditions for snorkeling and diving. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

For connoisseurs of African safaris, India's wildlife edens are the natural next wildlife domain to journey to. Spread across the stunning national parks of India, the revitalized conservation program has allowed population of tigers, leopards and lions to blossom, forming a vital component in a wildlife and heritage journey of India. 

Best Time To Visit:

December to February for the favorable winter temperatures ranging between 17 degrees Celsius in the evenings to 25 degrees Celsius during the day. While it gets warmer from March to April, this is the optimum time for big cats encounters where photography hunters will get enjoy a field day capturing the fascinating apex predators around the waterholes. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Untouched, wild and virtually uncharted territory, with towering mountains, epic river valleys, surreal mountain passes and authentic countryside life, Tajikistan is revered by intrepid travelers for its nature and heritage. Smallest amongst the "Stans", but the highest, a breath-taking journey to the "Roof of Central Asia" awaits. 

Best Time To Visit:

Summer (Late May-August) is perfect for the higher altitudes with dry weather, comfortable temperature averaging between 12 degrees Celsius in the evenings and early mornings to 22 degrees Celsius during mid day providing conducive conditions for hiking and in particular, traversing the legendary Pamir Highway. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

On the fringe of extremes, the Nunavut region is perhaps Canada's last frontier, an assortment of uninhabited islands, a scatter of Inuit population, a wildlife paradise for arctic adapted animals such as the polar bear, beluga whales, narwhals, musk oxen and more. Nunavut is as wild as it can get. Remote and desolate yet blessed with unfathomable wilderness, some of the most spectacular tundra and landscapes in a world that is nothing less than ordinary. 

Best Time To Visit:

Depending on your agenda, whether it's basking in the Great Arctic Caribou Migration, witnessing the mysterious lifestyle of the belugas and narwhals or coming face to face with the majestic Polar bears, Summer (late May to August) represents the only window of opportunity to soak it all in. 

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