Adventure spirits in search of your next sojourn, we take you on our Hit List 2020 to discover some of the most incredible destinations beyond the norm from culture and heritage, wine & gastronomy, fascinating wildlife and inspiring landscapes.  Welcome to a new decade!



Why You Should Go Now:

Cambodia has witnessed vast changes over the last decade with incredible array of investments and reshaping of political reforms, renewed energy and vibe and it shows in the shape of its hospitality scene. The all-new Shinta Mani Wild - a National Geographic Unique Lodge, is at the heart of that, transforming a quintessential Angkor temples journey to one that takes you on a wild ride into the less-trodden Cambodian jungles. 

Best Time To Visit:

November to March offers lower temperatures with less humidity enabling a more comfortable season to be out and about the Angkor temples and the tropical rainforests of Cambodia. The idyllic scenes cruising down the Mekong River is at its photographic best during this period providing unfiltered scenes that are stunningly fulfilling. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

No other region in Spain represents pure Spain than Castilla y Leon. Yet, it is also the most underrated region in the shadows of Catalonia and Andalusia. Castilla y Leon is the heartbeat of exceptional Spanish wines, gastronomy as well as the unmistakable legacies of the Spanish Kings. Dotted with astonishingly beautiful heritage-listed cities and towns, this is the time to discover a part of Spain where the most critical period of its history unfolded. 

Best Time To Visit:

Late March to May is the spring season, offering comfortable temperatures to discover the incredible Ribera del Duero wine route and its many impressive cities and towns. October to November is autumn where the peak of the season's wine harvest comes into play, offering exciting colors and contrast to a quintessential journey of discovery, wine and food. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

One of our staple destinations, Iran has never disappointed with its fascinating history, culture, hospitality and landscapes. The doggedness and spirit of Iranians make a valid and unified point in a climate shrouded in falsified and unfair media reports. In truth, Iran has never been more safe and enjoyable. While the quintessential touring route offers a glimpse at the height of the Safavid Empire, Iran's ancient legacies dating to the days of Alexander the Great provides the link to why it is such a highly fought land - even till this day. 

Best Time To Visit:

September to November in autumn where blue skies are virtually guaranteed, with comfortable temperatures that presents an impeccable time to gallivant the historical cities. Spring after the Nowruz Persian new year from late March to May is decked in stunning greens that provide plenty of contrast for the photography enthusiast. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

No Hit List is complete without Italy and Piedmont & the Aosta Valley in northern Italy is a fascinating land combining a potent collaboration of fine Barolo and Barbaresco wines, the most revered white truffles in the world, stunning mountain landscapes of the Valle d'Aosta, Roman legacies and impeccable monuments that stood the passage of time. 

Best Time To Visit:

For winter sports fanatics, the Aosta Valley in northern Italy presents an incredible opportunity to combine skiing and snowboarding in the Alps with historical and heritage discovery. Cross over then from April to June and you have superb weather to explore its ancient monuments in comfort. Autumn from October to November thrills with a kaleidoscope of colors blanketing the rolling vineyard landscapes.

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Why You Should Go Now:

Tohoku has been at the heart of Beyond X Boundaries' intimate project since our foundation. One of the most misunderstood and less-trodden regions in Japan, Tohoku thrills with the most incredible offerings anywhere in Japan could offer. The best cherry blossoms, the most jaw-dropping ski fields, an exciting array of food, sake, hot springs. Do we need to continue? 

Best Time To Visit:

Depending on your agenda, whether it's cherry blossoms-hunting from mid to late April, the fascinating summer festivals in August, the stunning foliage colors in autumn in October to early November or the snowy paradise from December to March, Tohoku thrills in every aspect and more. 

Project Tohoku:

Project Tohoku is an embodiment of Beyond X Boundaries' spirit to preserving the culture and heritage of Northern Japan - away from mass produced programs. Henceforth, we do not publish programs or sample journeys for the Tohoku region, preferring to tailor make for your most intimate enjoyment. Comprising Fukushima, Yamagata, Miyagi, Akita, Iwate and Aomori Prefectures, we design journeys best suited to your theme of travel, food, culture, hot springs, sports and nature. Speak with us for your own private sojourn of Tohoku. 



Why You Should Go Now:

The gem of gems in the Mediterranean, Tunisia's diverse wonders leaves you nothing short of bewilderment with its varied landscapes, mind-boggling culture and history, rolling dunes of the Sahara Desert, ancient ruins and inspiring Star Wars filming sites that earns its status as one of the most enigmatic destinations in the world. After years of recovery from political strife and terrorism compromise, there is never a better time to discover this magical land, designed to inspire. 

Best Time To Visit:

The cooler months of spring from March to May, autumn from September to October and the early winter months of November and December all provides a sensational time to discover Tunisia, taking a step back in time to an ancient land in contrasting colors and diversity. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

Sri Lanka has suffered much with the Easter attacks in 2019 and the severity should be treated to as much consideration as New Zealand. Yet, Sri Lanka are on a commendable road to recovery where the nation unite and band together in one voice. The indomitable spirit of Sri Lankans are witnessed in its defiance of not cowering to tourism pressure, lowering earnings. Instead, investments to Sri Lanka has never been better and this is apparent in a slew of exciting destination lodges, resorts and properties across the country. 

Best Time To Visit:

Divided into the north and south zones, October to March are the best time down under for the migration of Blue and Sperm whales as well as a great time to be by the southern coasts enjoying its seaside splendors. January to March are the most exceptional time to be uncovering the hill country when it's at its driest and comfortable discovering the ancient Buddhist sites and tea plantations. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

It will be criminal if we did not include Lebanon - Beyond X Boundaries' undisputed top selling destination in 2019. Move into 2020, Lebanon is again, expected to dominate headlines and interest for its sheer array of ancient sites, spectacular landscapes and a land blessed with such an incredible timeline of heritage spread throughout the annals of history. 

Best Time To Visit:

Hugging the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, Lebanon enjoys great sunshine and hence, spring and autumn are incredibly lovely times of the year to be uncovering its green lush landscapes, the mountains and the wine lands for which it is so underrated, yet blessed with the wine-making finesse from its time as a French colony. 

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Why You Should Go Now:

2019 is a year of great climate change debate and moving into 2020 in a brand new decade, expect more concrete actions to follow in the battle against climate catastrophe. There is never a better time to embark on an expedition to the far realms of Antarctica & South Georgia with a slew of modern, small to medium-sized vessels plodding the last frontiers of our planet. 2019 has seen new eco-focused boats introduced with a concentrated effort on education and Beyond X Boundaries are proud to be partnership on exclusive basis with our partners, Ponant Cruises & Scenic Cruises to explore Antarctica & South Georgia in style and environmental focus. 

Best Time To Visit:

December to early March without a doubt as the only season to explore the final frontiers. This is then combined with the summer season of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. 

The Voyager:

Speak with us for a full lowdown on the most suitable voyage, vessel and logistics for probably the most defining adventure of your life. No two travelers are alike and depending on your most innate expectation in tandem with our expertise and partnerships with a slew of cruises, your only concern should be on how many days you should spend on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. 



Why You Should Go Now:

Taking top spot for Hit List 2020 Destination of the Year is Saudi Arabia. With the introduction of tourist eVisas that finally opens the hermit kingdom to the world, we are excited like children waiting to discover the fascinating wonders of Saudi Arabia. While the ancient Nabatean site of Madain Saleh is currently only open for the Winter at Tantora Festival, expect the site to be fully open for discerning travelers in the later part of 2020 and beyond. 

Best Time To Visit:

Late October to early March undoubtedly for the more comfortable weather where there are little to no rainfall. The Winter at Tantora Festival in Madain Saleh also runs every weekend from late December to early March, providing a re-imagined spectacle of the incredible desert oasis in wondrous style. Talk to us early or be disappointed!

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