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Wonders of Papua New Guinea

New Guinea, the last great land mass to remain unexplored, still remains a place of great wonder and mystery. Exotic animals, extraordinary art and flamboyant warriors await the curious traveler. On this journey, we discover exceptional nature as well as unique tribal culture of this wonderful land. 


Stay in intimate and luxurious lodges throughout Papua New Guinea

Get up close and interact with the colourful Huli people

Reconnect with nature with some of the most spectacular landscapes

Fly by charter flights within Papua New Guinea



Upon arrival at Port Moresby Jacksons Intl Airport, be met at the Arrivals Hall and connect to your flight on Air Niugini flight to Tari. The Tari Valley - home of the Huli, a colourful and proud tribe still largely living the same way as their ancestors did. Be welcome to the Ambua Lodge, an inspired mixture of local architecture, spectacular views and modest luxury off the beaten track. Located at 7000 feet in the Papua New Guinea southern highlands, it is the homeland of the Huli people with their human hair wigs adorned with colourful flowers. Spend the afternoon with a relaxing guided nature walk through the alpine forest looking for exotic bird of paradise and then have the rest of the day at leisure. 

Overnight: Ambua Lodge, Tari

Meals: Lunch & Dinner


Spend the day immersing into the culture of the Huli people. In contrast to the Sepik people whose art is manifested in ceremonial and decorative carvings, these highland people employ as their art, body decoration, face painting and human hair wigs decorated with feathers, flowers and moss. The Huli culture is the most vibrant intact and colourful to be experienced anywhere in the world. 

Overnight: Ambua Lodge, Tari

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


We spend today on a guided walk in this remote outpost of the New Guinea highlands that was only discovered in 1934 by legendary explorer, Jack Hides. Marvel at some of the most hidden and spectacular natural waterfalls, magical rainforest and incredible birdlife indigenous to this area. You will also have plenty of opportunity to gain further insights into the Huli people and learn the incredible stories and traditions that has been preserved for ages. 

Overnight: Ambua Lodge, Tari

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Today, we fly by charter aircraft to the Karawari airstrip over some of the most rugged and impressive landscapes in the world. The country between Ambua and the Sepik region is an amazing array of jagged limestone that seem to rise and drop at impossible angles. Arriving at Karawari airstrip, be transferred by river boat to the Karawari Lodge sitting on ridge above the Karawari River - home to ancient jungles, river systems and rural territory. We will explore local villages by canoes on a "National Geographic"-esque adventure. 

Overnight: Karawari Lodge, Karawari

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


A day excursion along the jungle-fringed waterways of the Karawari River where boatmen, standing upright, paddle their slender dugout canoes with sculpted silhouettes of crocodile masks. Village life including carved totems, drums, woodcarvings and different expressions of art are also experienced. See bountiful birdlife along the rivers and nearby lakes as well as enhance your understanding of traditional village culture in the Sepik region. 

Overnight: Karawari Lodge, Karawari

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Fly by charter aircraft from Karawari to Mount Hagen, during the flight mountains rise up to startling heights out of the flat lands of the Sepik Basin. Mount Hagen Town is in the upper Wahgi Valley - a valley with some of the oldest evidence of agriculture in the world. Perched high on Mount Kuta is Rondon Ridge from where you will take on a guided nature walk. 

Overnight: Rondon Ridge, Mount Hagen

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


A full day excursion featuring the unique culture and tradition of the Melpa people who live near the Mount Hagen city which is the business heart of the Papua New Guinea highlands, supplying a number of important industries, such as tea, coffee and mining. It is a city where stone meets steel, where tradition and history is juxtaposed against modern ways. A comprehensive day of insights takes you on a journey through the traditions and customs of the Melpa people where first contact was made in the 1930s when the Leahy brothers were prospecting for gold. The Melpa are said by anthropologists to be "predisposed to capitalism", because of their complex traditional society in which "big men" earn status by accruing wealth and then giving it all away in ceremonial exchanges. 

Overnight: Rondon Ridge, Mount Hagen

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


This morning, depart for Port Moresby on Air Niugini and upon arrival, be met and begin a city tour of the capital of Papua New Guinea named after Captain John Moresby, the first European visitor who arrived in 1873. Visits include the Port Moresby Nature Park showcasing amazing indigenous wildlife such as cassowaries, tree kangaroos, wallabies and other native bird species. We also visit the Bomana War Cemetery to pay homage to the 3,832 soldiers who perished during WWII. Spend some time thereafter for souvenir hunting and walking in the pleasant capital city before transferring to your hotel. 

Overnight: Grand Papua Hotel

Meals: Breakfast


Spend a relaxing morning and thereafter in the afternoon, be transferred to Jacksons Intl Airport for your onward journey home. 

Meals: Breakfast


Ambua Lodge is an award-winning ecolodge nestled amongst the Doma Peaks in Tari almost 7000 feet above sea level. With 30 round houses, set amongst landscaped gardens and built almost exclusively from natural materials, each unit features 180 degrees panorama as well as well-fitted en suite bathrooms. Ambua Lodge has 24hrs eco-friendly electricity provided by its own hydroelectric power that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream. 

Ambua Lodge, Tari

Standing majestically on a ridge 300m above the banks of the Karawari River and overlooking endless expanse of dense tropical lowland rainforest is the Karawari Lodge. Guests are accommodated in 10 separate cottages, each built of local bush materials inspired by local architecture. Cottages comes with modern en suite bathrooms, communal veranda, electricity, hot & cold water, comfortable mosquito-netted beds and ceiling fans.

Karawari Lodge, Karawari

Rondon Ridge Lodge is situated at 7100 feet above sea level and offers magnificent views of the incredible Wahgi Valley - home to the Melpa tribe. Rondon Ridge has 12 tastefully appointed rooms with warmed king beds and modern en suite bathrooms. Rooms are powered by 24hrs eco-friendly electricity sourced from the lodge's own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby stream. 

Rondon Ridge, Mount Hagen

Located in central Port Moresby, Grand Papua Hotel offers a day spa, 2 restaurants, 2 bars and a swimming pool. All accommodation boasts sea views from a private balcony. Just 10mins walk from Ela Beach, all air-conditioned rooms and suites feature a desk, refrigerator, large flat-screen tv and an iPod docking station. 

Grand Papua Hotel, Port Moresby


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